This is a conundrum many fans might be going through in the last few hours before BlizzCon. Some friends might not be able to travel and now you are stuck with an orphan ticket and a $203 hole in your pocket. Others are dying to go to BlizzCon for the Warcraft Movie panel, the Diablo III: What’s Next panel, the eSports tournaments, the potential announcement hype (Cough, Eye of Azshara, Overwatch), etc.

The problem is where do you find a ticket, or where do you sell a ticket within 24 hours? Some people are currently using

There are two options of payment: cash or PayPal. Personally, I prefer PayPal. If things go bad, you can request a refund to PayPal, and you are protected. PayPal money can’t be sent as “To friend or Family” however. There are no refunds using that option within PayPal. Choose the “Pay for Goods or Services” option. Also, take in mind that PayPal charges around $3.00 for the transaction.

Searching for a ticket late is not always a good experience. Some times it takes contacting a lot of people and getting the first offer that successfully goes through. Happy hunting.