A big surprise has been unearthed in the Warlords of Draenor alpha. A youtube poster known only as “WoDBeta” has uploaded a video of the quest “All is Revealed” in Frostfire Ridge. The quest has players use an “all-seeing eye” created by Khadgar to spy on Gul’dan and the Shadow Council. Gul’dan is seen accompanied by his usual accomplices Cho’Gall, Teron’gor and Giselda the Crone. However a fourth ally can be seen standing next to Gul’dan, his appearance obscured by shadows.

Once Gul’dan notices the presence of the all-seeing eye, the shadowy being vanishes while the other four remain. Who is this Mysterious Figure? There is one individual who immediately comes to mind. Someone who both greatly resembles the figure’s silhouette, and has a very strong connection to Gul’dan at this point in time. The Last Guardian, Medivh… (Though he’s technically not the Last Guardian anymore due to Med’an, but that’s still kind of Medivh’s title)

┬áHere is a zoomed in screenshot of the figure shown in “All is Revealed”.


And here is Medivh’s model with several of his geosets (such as the shoulders and cloak) removed.


Aside from the cuff links, the two look identical and both use the male night elf skeleton as a base. As for the night elf skeleton, WoWhead lists the NPC shown in the cutscene as “Mysterious Figure”. Their model viewer shows him as looking like this:


Now one might suggest this rules out Medivh, as he’s certainly not a night elf. But the figure in the video is deliberately obscured, and appears to have the geosets for night elf ears disabled. More importantly, there is no reason for a night elf to be A, in alternate universe past Draenor, and B, working for the Shadow Council. However in the main timeline, right now Medivh would have been communicating with Gul’dan, instructing him on how to build the Dark Portal. A Medivh who was at the time possessed by Sargeras, Lord of the Burning Legion. Datamining shows the Burning Legion is very active on Draenor, complete with a cult of Draenei warlocks who call themselves… the Sargerai.

Also of interest is that in the video Khadgar is wielding Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian, Medivh’s former weapon. Currently it is in the possession of his son, Med’an, but as Med’an appears to have left Azeroth for reasons unknown. Who would be better to entrust the staff’s safekeeping than Khadgar, Medivh’s apprentice? Also Khadgar has gained the ability to turn into a raven (view here)┬ásomething only Medivh was shown to be capable of before. While these can be explained by the fact that Khadgar was Medivh’s apprentice, and certainly aren’t indicative of his return, it does make an odd coincidence that these similarities are being brought up now, with what appears to be Medivh active on Draenor.

If this is correct, that means that the alternate Draenor is not only connected to our Azeroth, but an alternate Azeroth created by the diverging timelines. This alternate Medivh would be aiding Gul’dan now, to bring the legion alternate Azeroth? Or to our own? Gul’dan seems to be in no hurry to change the Dark Portal’s destination. Even worse, this alternate Medivh would mean there is now an alternate Sargeras out there. One who unlike the main timeline, is not missing in action, but very active. A Sargeras in command of a Burning Legion whose greatest lieutenants such as Mannoroth and Archimonde still live. Perhaps we should have paid more attention to Wrathion’s warnings about the Legion’s return. Perhaps, it’s not the Iron Horde we should be worried about, but a far greater enemy…

Ian Bates

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