Mathias Shaw: Earlier today, King Wrynn addressed the citizens of Stormwind at Lion’s Rest in a speech given to formally announce the end of the war.

After the crowd departed, I met privately with the King and his advisors to discuss a mysterious substance that has been found in Silithus.

This glowing ore appears to be most powerful and the Horde has wasted no time in extracting it from the great wound.

The king has ordered me to fill you in on the details, in preparation for an important mission.



Speak with Mathias Shaw.

Gifts of the Fallen



Mathias Shaw: My agents have secured this area, but we should still keep our voices down lest our conversation is overheard…

(Tell me what happened at Lion’s Rest.)



Mathias Shaw: If this strange substance is as powerful as it appears to be, we cannot allow it to fall into the wrong hands. Your presence will be needed in Silithus.


Gifts of the Fallen


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