Nathanos Brightcaller: The Bilgewater Cartel have already begun mining operations in Silithus to extract this mysterious substance.

The Warchief has insisted that you personally oversee the extraction efforts in Silithus and prevent the Alliance from interfering.

Gallywix seemed less than pleased with your appointment, but nobody refuses Sylvanas…

You must go to Silithus at once. The base commander is awaiting your arrival.



Speak with Grol Warblade in Silithus.

Witness to the Wound



Nathanos Brightcaller: Gallywizx has operations underway in Silithus. Get there at once. And if you see any Alliance skulking about, make quick work of them.


NOTE: Take the portal to Uldum at the Western Earthshrine in Orgrimmar (49,38). Then fly west toward the Southwind Village in Silithus



Grol Warblade: Greetings, (Name). I was told you’d be coming. The mining operation is currently underway.


Witness to the Wound


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