Kelsey Steelspark: The Horde has wasted no time in shamelessly extracting this mysterious ore from the great wound.

Luckily for us, goblin engineering is not nearly as sophisticated as what we create in Gnomeregan! All it takes is a little bit of old fashioned dynamite to completely disable a goblin shredder.

What unsophisticated machinery!

Take these dynamite bundles and plant them on the inactive shredders around the mining camp.

It’ll take those greedy goblins weeks to get back up and running again!



Plant 10 dynamite bundles.

It's a Sabotage



Kelsey Steelspark: I can’t wait to see the looks on their greedy faces when all of their shredders are blown to bits!



Kelsey Steelspark: Great work, (Name)! With the shredders sabotaged, the Bilgewater Cartel mining operations will grind to a halt!


It’s a Sabotage


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