Pixni Rustbomb: The silithid are all riled up and stronger than ever!

My guess is that they are feeding off of some kind of power beneath the ground. Probably near the blade of Sargeras!

I’ve been ordered to study the effects that this mysterious power is having on the silithid.

Bring me as many intact silithid brains as you can carry and I’ll begin the research!



Collect 10 Silithid Brains.

The Source of Power



Pixni Rustbomb: Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty crackin’ those silithid skulls!



Pixni Rustbomb: Hey kid! You got the stuff?

Holy moly! Look at the size of these big beautiful brains! Where’s my scalpel?! Wait… no… bring me the electric hacksaw. It’s time for the big guns baby!

This research is gonna help us understand the power of that giant blade!


The Source of Power


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