Grol Warblade: This land was once overrun with members of the Twilight’s Hammer.

The cult was presumed to be exterminated, but darkness always survives in the shadows.

Most of the cultists were destroyed by Sargeras in the attack, but a few yet live. Their leader, Michiel Voidstrider has been emboldened by the destruction of Silithus.

We cannot let this fanatic rally the remaining survivors to action! Bring me his head!



Retrieve Michiel Voidstrider’s head.

The Twilight Survivor




Grol Warblade: We cannot allow the Twilight’s Hammer to regain their foothold in Silithus!

I see you have brought the head of Michiel Voidstrider. It will look glorious mounted on a spike! The Horde thanks you for your service, (Name).


The Twilight Survivor


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