Pixni Rustbomb: How did the silithid survive the blade of Sargeras?!

I’ve never encountered a species that can adapt to changes in the environment as quickly as the silithid!

There’s gotta be a way to tame these suckers! Harness their evolutionary biology for our profit!

We gotta start training ’em young! Forget about the old crusty adults, we need babies!

Steal me as many of the silithid larvae as you can carry, and I’ll find a way to train ’em!



Collect 12 Silithid Broodlings.

Larvae by the Dozen




Pixni Rustbomb: Do you have the silithid larvae?

You’ve got the larvae! These are gonna make us a boatload o’ money! I can already hear the gold jinglin’ in my pockets!


Larvae by the Dozen


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