The Mountain Dew Game Fuel Vanity Non-Combat Pet rumors seem to have been confirmed by a Mountain Dew representative at the official Game Fuel forums. Only US residents may redeem this special pet.  You don’t need to buy Game Fuel nor earn any points.  Simply register to the Game Fuel Promotion. The assumption is—that you will receive an email from Mountain Dew Game Fuel’s website with a code to redeem your pet within World of Warcraft MMO.

GameFuel_admin: In-game pet – I can’t say much about this yet, but the feature will be available in a few weeks. Anyone registered with the Game Fuel promotion and the owner of an active WoW account will be able to utilize the pet. It doesn’t matter if your emails are different between DEW and Blizzard.

The pet will be available in a few weeks and will be easy to access for anyone with a Game Fuel and Blizzard account. The rest of the speculation is half the fun. We can say, the theories on how it’s going to work are a little over-complicated for what will actually happen. The pet will be easy to access.

GameFuel_admin: The Pet will be free to users who register with the promotion and have a Blizzard account. You won’t have to use points for it.—source