Mountain Dew released the Choose Your Side TV ad campaign on YouTube to promote the World of WarCraft Game Fuel beverage.  Studies have reported in the past months that a 50% of World of Warcraft players are women.  The advertising company is exploiting this smartly by placing two women going on their normal lives shopping groceries and Game Fuel in a supermarket.  When the woman that is at the cashier with her Horde Game Fuel notices the nearby woman has an Alliance Game Fuel, she slowly draws her sword and transforms into a … male orc.  The opponent transforms into a female Night Elf and battle in the middle of the supermarket causing utter chaos.

To find out where near you to find World of WarCraft Game Fuel, follow these instructions.  Go to this website.  Make sure to disable Noscript or similar browser addons.  Press the continue button.  From the dropdown menu select Carbonated Soft Drinks.  Then choose Mountain Dew.  Then Mountain Dew Game Fuel.  You will get prompted with a zipcode search engine.  Provide your zipcode to get a list of nearby stores in your area that sell the World of Warcraft Game Fuel.

To help celebrate the launch of Mountain Dew Game Fuel