A recent Blizzard Entertainment job opening brazenly suggests there is an Overwatch mobile game in development before a BlizzConline announcement. Is there room here to think otherwise? Like a Overwatch League app?

Well… an Overwatch League app already exists, and the language of the job opening relates to “mobile games” in specific.

DatePosted in the source code reveals the job opening was posted on November 12, 2021.

Product Manager, Mobile Project

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a talented and enthusiastic Product Manager to help us create the best mobile game experiences in the world.  This person will be working on multiple titles: Diablo, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and many more fantastic games. The Product Manager should have an understanding of mobile game development, with experience in either pre-launch or live operations.  They should be well versed in the mobile gaming space, including a player-first mentality first and foremost because they are players themselves.


  • Engage with the mobile landscape and trends, helping to inform, grow, and evolve how we make games
  • Collaborate with design, engineering, and user research to identify, solve, and deliver features that make a meaningfully impact on the team’s objectives
  • Experience and knowledge performing live-ops; fixing glitches and bugs within the app’s
  • Collaborate with and generate consensus across cross-functional teams to develop products and features on time and with measurable value
  • Measure the success of features against the business objectives they serve through the thoughtful identification and monitoring of key results and performance metrics
  • Help boost retention rates and engagement due to a better user experience and by enabling data-driven changes within the app to improve metrics.
  • Communicate product needs through the collection and creation of functional specifications, business requirements, user stories, scenarios, user studies, and data analysis
  • Help to influence product development through exhibiting sound product judgment and thoughtful consideration
  • Analyze and provide the team and stakeholders with key product performance metrics

The other quote that rises eyebrows: “and many more fantastic games” — right after mentioning 3 franchises — which suggests there might be mobile games based on current IPs not mentioned up there (i.e StarCraft, etc.), and/or new IPs. Strangely, the job opening doesn’t mention the Warcraft mobile games — which is public knowledge. We know for a fact, there are at least 2 new Warcraft mobile games in development based on recent Activision Blizzard financial conference calls.

Daniel Alegre: Blizzard continues to make progress in its work on ambitious new Warcraft mobile experiences that can attract entirely new players to the franchise, as well as offering new ways for existing fans to engage. Warcraft mobile experiences are in various stages of internal testing, with the team looking forward to sharing more about these titles soon.

As always, great find by RedOctober.

Update: Searching around the net, back in April 2021, there was a Dexterto discussion about plans for a simultaneous Overwatch mobile and Overwatch 2 launch. Unsure how that measures up with the recent news about the launch delay, but today’s news is consistent with what was first heard last April.

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