Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in a very very distant… place named Outland, players who decided to take a little break going AFK would meet a certain death, or while fighting a bunch of trash mobs they would hear a distant hellish whirl sound, turn around, and have the infamous Fel Reaver stomp on them to death. That Fel Reaver was the stuff of legends, let me tell you.

With Patch 7.3, you don’t only have to worry about an upgraded Fel Reaver, but two other threats. One is environmental, and the other one is a Legion weapon.



The Garothi Obliterator is an argus fel-reaver-sort-of mech that patrols the crossroads in the middle of Krokuun. I have seen at least three players try to kill it using their 10-minute cooldown Vindicaar ability: Lightforged Warframe vehicle, which usually does a lot of damage over 20 seconds, but to no avail. Each time the obliterator reached 85% health, it would auto-heal back to 100%. I saw that happen at least 4 times. All players ended up dead after the vehicle expired. Word of advice: Don’t get too close to this fel reaver, and don’t go afk in his patrol range. He only travels about a 1000 yards back and forth on that crossroads area.



Alright, it doesn’t really have a proper name, but if you see it coming, steer away. It can be described as a Fel Tornado which travels very slowly along the roads of Krokruun and the Antoran Wastes. In the time I have played in the Patch 7.3 PTR even though it is huge and you think you would never miss something like that sneaking behind you, it does sneak behind you when you least expect while fighting trash mobs or a rare elite boss. Sometimes in dark places it kinda blends in, and you won’t notice it until it is on top of you.

If it gets near you, you will start to see green marks on the ground followed by lightning that hits you for over 100,000 damage. Only two lightning strikes drove me down to 40% health.



This one is devastating, and you better be alert as this will kill all players in the Antoran Wastes. The first ever zone-wide annihilator ray weapon. The Paraxis is a Legion ship like the Sentinax which spawns from the giant portal atop Antorus, the Burning Throne building. Alleria Windrunner will yell onscreen in text and with voice over the following: “The Paraxis is returning soon! Army of the Light, set up your shields!


When I clicked the word “The Paraxis” in the General Channel, it said: “The Paraxis fires deadly Artillery Strikes at all enemies in the Antoran Wastes, inflicting Fire damage to all enemies of the legion. (Instant)

I was curious as this is the first time I ever hear Alleria say this. Naturally, I panicked after reading the tooltip, and I didn’t know what to do to avoid the incoming certain death. I looked around, and suddenly I saw a draenei channeling a golden shield. I went to her to inspect her, and noticed a buff on my character that said: “Light’s Shield: Protected from the Paraxis by the Army of the Light.”

After a while, Alleria Windrunner yelled: “The Paraxis is here! Take cover under the shields!” This was yelled in the General Chat, appeared onscreen with Alleria’s animated portrait, and also as a warning in the upper-middle half of the screen as “The Paraxis has arrived! Run for cover!

An Alliance player moved away from the shield, I assume to find out what happens if you aren’t inside the shield area. Lo and behold, a massive green marker came beneath his feet, and he had no time to run. It killed him instantly. And this happens zone-wide to anyone who is not inside a shield. Holy molly! I think people will miss the Fel Reaver after that. The only way I knew it was safe to move away from the shield was when the Lightforged Shieldbearer draenei stopped channeling the shield, and cast a hearthstone spell.

To protect yourself from The Paraxis’ bombardment, open the map. You will see shield icons which inform you where to go.

Update: The Agent of the All-Seer buff won’t protect you from The Paraxis zone-wide bombardment.


Playing in Argus will certainly keep you alert and looking over your shoulder at all times. Regardless, these three mechanics, make playing in Argus somewhat dangerous, exciting, and interesting. What do you think?


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