Before unlocking access to the Warfront: Darkshore scenario, players go through a single-player questline that lays the ground for why Alliance and Horde clash there.

This page gathers the quests found within the Warfront: Darkshore 20-players scenario.


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Once the single-player questline is completed, you unlock access to the Warfront: Darkshore 20-players scenario. To check out if the Alliance is able to queue, go to the Warfronts table in Boralus Harbor at 66.08, 26.00 and click the table. This is the UI screen that pops up.



Remove the Forsaken threat at the Ruins of Auberdine.

NOTE: Below the mini-map, you will see the resources UI displaying the amount of Iron or Wood. Wood can be looted from piles of wood found on the ground everywhere. Iron is MOSTLY looted from enemy corpses, and among the biggest Iron drops come from Blight Throwers.

  • Rare Elites: 10 Iron
  • Goblin Harvester (Shredders): 6 Iron
  • Forsaken Deathguard: 6 Iron
  • Crankshot Blaster: 6 Iron


The player spawns on a Night Elven ship which sails toward the coast of Darkshore. Then the ship stops. You must use your Azure Water Strider mount to reach the beach at Ruins of Auberdine.



Defeat the Horde's forward commander in the Ruins of Auberdine: Deathguard Captain Vandel.

Maiev Shadowsong: Do not falter. The Horde trespasses on kaldorei land. Auberdine will be reclaimed!

Sira Moonwarden: Maiev! You are a fool if you think you can stop us.

Maiev Shadowsong: Sira... What has that banshee done to you?

NOTE: Deathguard Captain Vandel sprouts three Ice Spikes from the ground sending players upwards 20 feet. One random player is encased in Frozen Solid. Break him free.



Sira Moonwarden: These lands have been forsaken by Elune. You will leave, or you will die!

Maiev Shadowsong: Champions, prepare yourselves. Sira is sure to strike while we are vulnerable.

Shandris Feathermoon: Once we've secured the area we'll meet you at Bashal'Aran.



Fight beside your commander to clear a path to Bashal'Aran.

Malfurion Stormrage: Spirits of nature, heed our call. Mighty ancients, join us as we restore the land.



Defeat Blightguard Captain Thedric at Bashal'Aran.

Blightguard Captain Thedric: Your precious lands are in ruins. Your ways are at an end!



Reclaim Bashal'Aran for the Alliance.

NOTE: Click the Flag to claim Bashal'Aran.



Expand your base at Bashal'Aran.
  • Restore the Ancient of War
  • Construct the Altar of Elders
  • Construct the Hunter's Hall

Maiev Shadowsong: Well done. With Bashal'Aran secured, we will bolster our forces and strike at the Horde. Fight for every resource from here to Lor'danel.

Sira Moonwarden: There is no hope for you, Maiev. The forces of death are endless. You will watch your pathetic base crumble into dust.

Maiev Shadowsong: None can evade the strike of a true warden. You should know that better than anyone!


The first quest is given by Thisalee Crow.

Go to the War Chest a few yards south of her and click it. Then turn in the quest.

War Chest visited: 1/1

Thisalee Crow: Now we're in business!

At the Lornesta Mine (55.91,64.84) kill the naga witch Asithra Diresong. Afterwards, click on the flag behind her to claim the mine. Clear the mine and loot the Murlocs to obtain a bunch of Iron. The quest objective is to click the treasure chest at the very entrance of the mine.

Lornesta Mine captured: 1/1

Maiev Shadowsong: The Ruins of Lornesta belong to us now. The iron in their vicinity will benefit our soldiers.


Thisalee Crow: We need to collect that iron! Now we're in business!

Maiev Shadowsong: The Ancient of War has joined our cause. Now we can have Jarod bring more troops to Bashal'Aran.

This quest requires the group to assault Cinderfall Grove. You can solo but it is tricky in that the road is patrolled back and forth by a Goblin Shredder vehicle, a Blight Thrower, and two Forsaken troops. The goal is to click three Wisps that are nearby.

Here is a wisp.


Thisalee Crow: That's the stuff! Those wisps sure are handy.

Go to Jarod Shadowsong to recruit any troop unit from the Ancient of War.


Thisalee Crow: Isn't it nice to have people follow you around sometimes?

Go to the Hunter's Hall at Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow. That building is for Research Upgrades: Storm Silver Weapons and Storm Silver Armor.

See what the Hunter's Hall has to offer: 1/1


Lorna Crowley: How are our armaments looking?

See what the Altar has to offer: 1/1


Princess Tess Greymane: With that kind of power at our call, we may just stand a chance.

Gloomtide Strand is found here.

Capture Gloomtide Strand, and afterwards, speak with Edgard Wiseleaf in Gloomtide Strand.

Return to Bashal'Aran to turn in this quest with Celestine of the Harvest (51.83, 55.43).

Celestine of the Harvest: The enemy stands little chance with that kind of power on our side.

After you capture the Ashwood Depot in Warfront: Darkshore, Archmage Mordent Evenshade provides this quest which rewards an upgrade... the Flight Master's Whistle: Warfronts. He only provides the quest if he is not in combat.

After accepting the quest, turn around. Look for the Hyppogryph Master Fidelio Featherleaf within Ashwood Depot. Talk to him and choose to fly to Bashal'Aran.

Maiev Shadowsong: Excellent work. Though we did not need Mordent's hyperbolic account of his own role in opening the skies for us.


These are the buildings your team can construct shortly after the Warfront: Darkshore scenario starts.

Contribute to the restoration of the Tree of Ages. Increases resource delivery and troop deployment rates.

Tree of Ages Level 2: Requires Altar of Elders and Hunter's Hall.

Tree of Eternity Level 3: Requires Glaiveworks, Cinderfall Grove, and Lornesta Mine.


Click the branch in front of the Ancient of War to contribute to the restoration of the Ancient of War. Allows for the recruitment of personal allies while creating a steady stream of troops to assault the enemy.

Talk to Jarod Shadowsong to recruit troops from the Ancient of War.

Druid requires Gloomtide Strand. Huntress requires Ashwood Depot.


The Altar of Elders provides access to additional power and heroic transformations.

These are the Powers available at the Altar of Elders after construction is complete.


The Hunter's Hall provides access to research that increases the power and defense of allies. In Level 1, you can research Monelite Weapons and Monelite Armor.

These are the Research Upgrades available at the Hunter's Hall Level 2: Storm Silver Weapons and Storm Silver Armor.

Platinum Weapons and Platinum Armor require Tree of Eternity (From Tree of Ages Level 2).


After the group claims Ashwood Depot from the Forsaken, talk to Idras Proudwing to acquire: Chimaera to ride into battle.


Capture Gloomtide Strand. That will unlock access to Awaken Archdruid: Awaken a powerful Archdruid to assist you in assaulting the enemy.



Cinderfall Grove captured: 1/1

Maiev Shadowsong: The lumber mill at Cinderfall Grove is under our control. With its wood, we can improve our buildings and reinforce our base.

Gloomtide Strand captured: 1/1

Maiev Shadowsong: The Alliance holds Gloomtide Strand. We can now recruit druids into our ranks, and invoke the aid of a powerful archdruid.

Ashwood Depot captured: 1/1

Maiev Shadowsong: Ashwood Depot belongs to the Alliance. Now we can quickly traverse the battlefield and call chimaera to aid us.

Maiev Shadowsong: The Ancient of War has joined our cause. Now we can have Jarod bring more troops to Bashal'Aran.

Maiev Shadowsong: The Altar of Elders is complete. Tap into it to empower yourself, or to take the form of a potent ally.

Maiev Shadowsong: We have finished building the Hunter's Hall. Provide it with the resources it needs to improve our weapons and armor.


  • Restore the Ancient of War (Completed)
  • Construct the Altar of Elders (Completed)
  • Construct the Hunter's Hall (Completed)



Construct the means necessary to defeat the enemy.

  • Restore the Tree of Ages
  • Construct the Glaiveworks
  • Build a Glaive Thrower

Maiev Shadowsong: Our Tree of Life has become a Tree of Ages. It is time to start building the Glaiveworks.


Quest: Glaiveworks for me

Contribute to the construction of the Glaiveworks. Provides access to Glaive Throwers, powerful siege vehicles capable of inflicting heavy damage to the enemy's defenses.

Build a Glaive Thrower, a powerful long-range vehicle capable of cutting through reinforced armor.


Princess Tess Greymane: Those glaives will make quick work of those Azerite-mech monstrosities.


Erion Shadewhisper: Glaive thrower production complete. Push onward, allies!



Remove the remaining Horde threat at Lor'danel Landing.

  • 0/2 AzerMEK Mk. II defeated
  • 0/1 Magmaster Blastcrank defeated
  • 0/1 Dredge Defenses destroyed


Malfurion Stormrage: The cycle begins anew. Balance is restored. Spread your leaves and flourish once more.

NOTE: At this point, all the outposts have been claimed by the Alliance. Head to Mist's Edge, toward Lor'danel Landing. Defeat the two AzerMEK Mk. II.


Defeat Magmaster Blastcrank.


The Alliance has captured Lor'danel!

Maiev Shadowsong: Lor'danel is ours, but Sira still awaits us on that goblin monstrosity. Protect our glaive throwers as they bring down its defenses.

TIP: At any time, you may use the upgraded Flightmaster's Whistle: Warfront. To return to Lor'danel Landing, ride back to the Ashwood Depot to fly there.


TIP: Destroy the Dredge Defenses (aka Dredge Fleet Marine) at the port of Lor'danel Landing (at 54.02,21.07). These are rifle goblins. Don't go in without healers. They do a lot of quick damage together.


  • 0/2 AzerMEK Mk. II defeated (Completed)
  • 0/1 Magmaster Blastcrank defeated (Completed)
  • 0/1 Dredge Defenses destroyed (Completed)



Defeat the enemy commander and reclaim Darkshore for the Alliance.

Maiev Shadowsong: With the Horde's gunships on the retreat, we now have a clear path to Sira herself. Take a hippogryph. It is time to finish this.

TIP: Click the Kaldorei Hyppogryph to fly to the Dredge to fight Commander Sira.


Sira Moonwarden: A Warden is prepared, even in death.

TIP: One of Maiev's Glaives dropped on the ground, use it to defeat Avatars of Suffering!


Sira Moonwarden: Death comes for us all.

Sira Moonwarden: Suffer as I have.

Sira Moonwarden: You will face death in the end.

1/1 Sira Moonwarden defeated.


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