Pirate Day hit servers on Saturday, September 19 and as many may have figured there wasn’t much to it.  There was no quests to pursue, and no rewards to enjoy.  The event is meant to have fun with other players.  Probably roleplayers enjoyed it the most.  Basically any commoner grants you a special buff that transforms your character into a pirate for one hour.  If you go to Booty Bay, above the bank is Captain DeMeza with a group of Dread Crew NPCs.  The Captain gives you a 12 hour buff to transform you into a pirate.  The idea is that everyone should talk like a pirate throughout the day, matey!

One thing that you do get is a achievement titled: “The Captain’s Booty”.  It says: “Drink with the Dread Captain Demeza to join her crew during Pirates’ Day.”

Blizzard Quote:
Kisirani: Pirate’s Day be different from big holidays like Brewfest or Hallow’s End, matey… ‘tis a simple, one day event makin’ dressin’ up like a pirate easy, with no frills or rush t’get things done. It be fun fer the sake of bein’ fun, an’ nothin’ more. So aye, matey, yer welcome fer the one day diversion.

This is probably one of the weakest attempts at a “holiday event” I’ve ever seen. Okay, so we go to Booty Bay, find the pirate chick, and have…a…drink. Wow, I can barely contain myself here. No quests, nothing to purchase or collect, no challenging achievements to work on, and to top it all off, the “persistent” 12-hour buff you get from the ONE achievement there is…only works properly if you do nothing but sit around in a major city all day. Most of the people who are interested in the pirate look, already have other methods to do it. So, thanks…?

Bornakk: Ye just be a needin’ to enjoy yer time with the captain and let out da piratin’ spirit in ye!