As mentioned by TheRedShirtGuy at BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment added the Orgrimmar Embassy at the Goblin Slums (Valley of Spirits), and Stormwind Embassy at the Wollerton Stead (53,15). These places feature the gathering of all leaders of both factions.


Stormwind Embassy

In the Stormwind Embassy, you can find King Anduin Wrynn, Prophet Velen, High Exarch Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, Muradin Bronzebeard, Tyrande Whisperwind, King Genn Greymanne, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, and Master Aysa Cloudsinger.


UPDATE – Dec/5:

High Exarch Turalyon: At long last, the war is over. Part of me never expected to survive to see this day. So many battles. So much loss.

(Turalyon sighs, his eyes brimming with a flood of emotions.)

Now we return home to a world I haven’t walked in a thousand years. My old life is long past. It is time to build a new one, and get to know the son who embodies everything I fought for.

Alleria Windrunner:My heart soars to return to Azeroth alongside Arator and Turalyon. To see the forests of my homeland once again. And yet… Vereesa told me what has befallen Sylvanas. Though I dread the meeting, I must see with my own eyes what she has become. Is she even my sister anymore? Or some Light-forsaken monster? But of course, I have changed as well. The powers at my command may cause some to question my loyalties.

(Alleria draws in a long breath.)

I must remain calm, focused. There is much to ponder.

King Anduin Wrynn: War is coming to Azeroth, (name). It is time for us to bring in new allies to join our cause.


Orgrimmar Embassy

In the Orgrimmar Embassy, you can find Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, Baine Bloodhoof, Lady Liadrin, Rokhan, High Overlord Saurfang, Trade Prince Gallywix, Lor’themar Theron, Nathanos Blightcaller, Eitrigg, and Ji Firepaw.


The highlights: Baine has a new model with a feather headset and the overweight Gallawix model, both, harkening to those seen in the Cataclysm loading screen artwork.

Nathanos Blightcaller’s human-form looks quite different now, and he is wearing plate armor covered by a peculiar Gilneas-esque raincoat.

Saurfang now has the same model used in the Battle for Azeroth cinematic. The orc that is impaled by three arrows in the cinematic.

At the moment, none of the Alliance leaders has a chat bubble. On the Horde side, Sylvanas says: “At long last, the ceaseless posturing between the Horde and the Alliance is coming to an end. The time for war is at hand.”

Lady Liadrin says: “(Name), I am glad you are here. We must convince the warchief to pursue an allegiance with the nightborne.”

Baine says: “We share much with the Highmountain tauren. It is my belief that they would make ideal allies in the time to come.”

These three quotes are an allusion to the upcoming new feature: Allied Races.



There are two additional highlights in both Embassy buildings. On the Alliance side, before Alleria is a small void portal hovering on the table. When you hover the mouse over it, it says: VOID ELF.


On the Horde side, Lady Liadrin has on the table a replica of the Nightborne’s Nightwell. When you hover the mouse over it, it says: NIGHTBORNE.

There is also another very particular highlight in the PTR 7.3.5 — and that is the lack or absence of a specific highlight… if you read TheRedShirtGuy’s article, then you learned that the BlizzCon 2017 Battle for Azeroth playable demo included the presence of Wrathion inside the Stormwind Embassy.

In PTR 7.3.5, Wrathion is nowhere to be found. That means one of two things: either Blizzard removed Wrathion and changed their mind, or… Wrathion is a Battle for Azeroth exclusive feature and will join the Stormwind Embassy after a questline, or after the expansion goes Beta and Live.

The combination of these “Conclusion” highlights tells me there might be a questline to unlock the Nightborne and Void Elf Allied Races before Battle of Azeroth goes live — allowing you to unlock these Allied Races early as a taste to get the expansion for the other Allied Races, and a way to keep you busy until the expansion is released. This, of course, is my personal theory. Not factual.

You may watch our BlizzCon interview with Jeremy Feasel and the World of Warcraft: What’s Next panel transcript to learn more about Allied Races.

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