The World of Warcraft PTR 7.3.5 is here and not only is the Battle for Azeroth level 1-100 scaling playtested right now, but dungeons as well scale. Here are some examples:

I went in with my main level 110 character. If you enter the Ragefire Chasm right now in the Patch 7.3.2 live servers, the Adolescent Flame Hound at the entrance are level 14.

In PTR 7.3.5, the same creature is level 60.


I went to the Burning Crusade’s Hellfire Ramparts normal dungeon. In Live, they are level 61. In PTR 7.3.5, they are level 80.


I went next to Wrath of the Lich King’s Pit of Sauron. Mobs there didn’t change. They remain at level 80.

However, when I went to Cataclysm’s Grim Batol — normally in Live they would be level 84. In PTR 7.3.5, they are level 90.


In Mists of Pandaria, I went to Shado-Pan Monastery. In live, the mobs are level 87. In PTR 7.3.5, they are level 90.


Last, I went to Warlords of Draenor’s Grimrail Depot. The mobs there remain the same, unchanged: level 100.

You can read more about Blizzard’s plans for Zone scaling in our BlizzCon 2017 World of Warcraft: What’s Next panel transcript. There was a section dedicated to Patch 7.3.5 and Zone Scaling and Caps in specific.


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