The World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day shows the Forsaken fleet approaching the coast of Gilneas accompanied by a Horde Gunship.

As a consequence of the earth-shaking Cataclysm, the natural coral banks that usually blocked any incursion into Gilneas by sea, is now shattered — according to the quests I read when I played the Cataclysm demo at BlizzCon — allowing the Forskaen to invade Gilneas from the Sea. The son of Lord Genn Greymane, Liam Greymane, tends to this invasion himself, and commands you to help fend off the invasion.

This screenshot doesn’t make justice to the new water effects I saw in the demo, but as you can see it looks much better.

Here is some of my notes from the BlizzCon 2009 Cataclysm demo, a transcript of some of the initial quests that mention the Forsaken invasion:

Prince Liam Greymane: I failed to defend my people in Gilneas City. It seems the fates have given me a second chance. I will not fail again.

Lord Godfrey: Give it up. It’s time to put this one down. It’s protocol.

King Genn Greymane: Tell me, Godfrey. Those that stayed in Gilneas City so that we could live. Were they following protocol? I didn’t think so. Now hand me that potion, Krennan and double the dosage.


King Genn Greymane: I need you to pull through. This dosage is strong enough to kill a horse. But I know you. I know what you’re made of. You will be fine.

Trust me. I know what you’re going through.

Now drink up and close your eyes.


Ah! Look who’s decided to join the ranks of men once more! It looks like Krennan’s potion finally worked. Either that or all these earthquakes scared you back into being a human!

It’s a good thing. I’d hate to have to shoot you after all you did for us.

Go see Krennan Aranas. He’s going to be happy to see you made it alive.

Speak to Krennan Aranas in Duskhaven.

Krennan Aranas (Royal Chemist): It worked! By the Light, it worked!

Gwen Armstead: Welcome back. You were fortunate. Krenna’s treatment doesn’t always work this well on people who’ve had the Curse as long as you.

Krennan Aranas: Do exercise caution. Don’t expect anyone to invite you to their homes just yet. But at least they won’t shoot you outright.


Krennas Aranas: Ah, yes. The effects of the curse cannot ever be fully cured as far as we know.

Intense anger, pain or fear … will still trigger a physical transformation.

With treatment, however, your mind will remain yours … and not that of a wild animal.

I will need mandrake essence to brew another batch of my serum for you. You will find a crate stashed beneath a shed southwest of town.

Find the crate of Mandrake Essence


(A long knife with a skull ornament on its hilt sticks out of the militiaman’s ribs. As you look around for clues, you spot a pair of savage-looking warships at the shore.)

(Gilneas is being invaded. Bring word back to Duskhaven’s Mayor, Gwen Armstead.

Gwen Armstead: Forsaken! Quick! We must mount a defense.

The reefs have always protected us from a coastal attack. The earthquakes must’ve opened a passage for the Forsaken ships.

Quick. Slow down the attackers while I get the rest of the militia ready.

I think I can hear the Prince and some of our men engaging the Forsaken even as we speak. Speak to Liam and see how you can be of use.

Oh …. and make sure he doesn’t get himself killed. I’m afraid he might be a little reckless in his current state.

Prince Liam Greymane: (name)!!!! You ARE Alive!

I thought I was having dreams about the old days when I heard your voice…

I’m still not sure if you’re alive or dead … human or worgen …

I’m not even sure if I’m really awake. But THIS I am sure of …

We’re going to kill a great many of these motherless Forsaken.

Prince Liam Greymane in Duskhaven wants you to kill 10 Forsaken invaders.


Prince Liam Greymane: Look here. The big fat ones — abominations, they’re called — they don’t go down easy, so don’t tackle them on your own.

But I have an idea so crazy it might just work. Or it might get you killed, if we’re not careful, I suppose.

There’s barrels of gunpowder beneath the sheds and by the windmills. Grab them and toss’em right on the abominations’ heads. I’ll take care of the rest with this trusty old blunderbuss.

Prince Liam Greymane in Duskhaven wants you to use the Black Gunpowder Kegs to blow up 4 Horrid Abominations.