Invisible Ramparts

Exarch Hataaru: Exarch Akama is too cautious, but we shouldn’t ignore a threat from the Shadowmoon clan. It is good you are here!

Since we arrived on Draenor I have dedicated myself to recreating the technology we left behind. This large structure here is a defense ward. It should counter a Shadowmoon advance provided we power it up.

I have prepared resonance crystals at my workshop to the south. Carry one crystal at a time to the three pylons that surround the ward, then activate the control panel nearby!


Quest Objectives

Carry charged resonance crystals to the primary, secondary, and tertiary pylons.




Exarch Hataaru: This way, friend. The ward is nearly at full power.

We will sink these crystalline resonance emitters into the earth, harnessing the very energies of Draenor itself to power our defenses.

On our homeworld, art, science, magic, and technology were all as one. Ah, such wonders we would build!

Now, I have only spare parts and whatever primitive materials we can cobble together.

It is ready! Go inside and power on the console while I observe…




Defense Pylon Central Control Console: The console thrums with energy and lights up as you draw near, as though sensing your presence. Simply touching the main panel brings the defense crystal to life outside.

If this is the kind of technology Hataaru was able to cobble together from spare parts, you can only imagine the splendor of the world he came from.


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1.Finding a Foothold8.Keeping it Together
2.For the Alliance9.Ship Salvage
3.Looking For Lumber10.Pale Moonlight
4.Ravenous Ravens11.Build Your Barracks
5.Quakefist12.Qiana Moonshadow
6.Establish Your Garrison13.Delegating on Draenor
7.Bounty: Twisted Ancient
Quests given at the Garrison. Not required for the achievement.
15.A Curse Upon the Woods
Requires level 92

Things aren't Goren our way

**Gain the Garrison Mine

Alchemy Lab Quests
Starting a Work Order