The Bloodtotem survivors have migrated to Thunder Totem as refugees. They can be found in the large tent at 61,19.

Bloodtotem Survivor: I’m glad we didn’t have to give EVERYTHING.

My corrupted brethren still wander out in the wilds. Is there any hope for them?

Some of the Bloodtotem are still scattered in the wilds. I cannot believe my brothers and sisters succumbed to the fel.

Thank you for dealing with Torok. He refused to see the dangers behind the power he sought.

(The sleeping Tauren snores loudly and rolls over.)




On the other side, a pandaren named Fei Lau is teaching Highmountain trainees the way of the monk inside a tent located at 34,82.

Fei Lau: Expending too much energy at once is dangerous. Pace yourselves, students.

When healing you must gather your inner strength, and pass it along to another.

Focused chi is extremely potent. Master Tau Li will guide you once you are ready.



Another pandaren, named Cheng Lish can be found in at 64,59. Can be accessed from the road going up toward Snowblind Mesa. The NPC is named after a streamer named chinglishtv.


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