As discovered by TheRedShirtGuy, the Nightborne has moved into the Nighthold (the outdoor version).

While exploring, I found First Arcanist Thalyssra and Ly’leth Lunastre at 59, 85.

Thalyssra: It had to be this way. We no longer need the Nightwell, nor its power. We must forge our own destiny.

Ly’leth Lunastre: The business with Elisande is over, but there is still much to be done for the city.



If you go downstairs, behind Thalyssra, you will find Arcanist Valtrois (at 58,86).

Arcanist Valtrois: I never realized how much we needed the Nightwell. To be rid of its call is… freeing.

I must admit, I am rather curious to explore the world beyond Suramar. Primitive creatures have always fascinated me!

Oh, it feels so good to be my old self again.

(Valtrois runs the back of her hand gently across her high cheekbone.)

As you can see, mana is wonderful for the skin!



In front of Valtrois, downstairs, there are a few portals. You can find Chief Telemancer Oculeth at 58,87. The leftmost portal leads to Dalaran, the center one to Orgrimmar, and the rightmost to Shal’Aran.

Chief Telemancer Oculeth: Mage portals take so long to cast. With telemancy, it is like instant transmission.

Telemancy beacons help supply power for teleportation triangulation. We should construct additional beacons.

It feels good to no longer be hungry. I bet I could teleport anything now!



Subject 16: Theryn can be found at 62, 79 being babysit by a Nighthold Retainer.

Nighthold Retainer: I’ll keep watch over him, he seems happy enough to wander around the gardens.



Near Theryn, you can also find Vintner Sylverin.

Sylverin: Lacking a need for arcwine, our vintners have converted the vineyards to more traditional options.



Sylgryn and Arluelle patrol clockwise around the big fountain in Nighthold.

Sylgryn: It is a pity the lightforged draenei did not join the Horde, they rare quite formidable opponents.

The Duskwatch will do well having Victoire in their ranks once more.

I’m glad to see that Arluelle continues her training, she appears stronger already. Perhaps I should measure her improvement.

Arluelle: I hope to continue training with Silgryn and Victoire.

(Arluelle has a faraway look in her eyes.)

If only my brother could see the city now…



On the southern gardens, you can find Ji-Sun and Young Su (two pandaren) training Nightborne trainees into the monk ways (at 60,87).

Ji-Sun: Directing chi at a target can be difficult at first. You, at the front, try to hit that training dummy over there.

Very good! I’m quite impressed!



Watch the video for the Nighthold exploration.


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