Myndflame attended the Play Machinima Law Conference at Stanford University through April 24-25th as a panelist and shared his experience there on his blog. The event had the participation of various Machinima artists, law firms, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Fred von Lohmann
(Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation). To learn more about the panels discussed visit the official Stanford University website. Below you can read Myndflame’s blog covering what happened at this two-day event.

Blizzard Quote:
First of all, imagine a remarkable variety of Machinima panelists (myself included!) in a room full of seasoned video game attorneys from the likes of EA, Microsoft, Blizzard, and some brilliant specialists in commercial litigation, copyright, intellectual property, and fair use from powerful law firms and legal organizations. Now add in professors, law students, and other Machinima Experts with a pile of writers, bloggers, and news organizations chattering away on their keyboards.

Trust me, not a single one of you could have possibly made it through the first day of this conference without questioning that this was actually happening. An entire day of panels and discussion entirely devoted to the future of Machinima Law!

So I’d like to tell you about everything, but I don’t have much time before I’m riding back over to the law center so here’s a quick rundown.