During the Hallow’s End celebration, Blizzard Entertainment enabled the pre-Cataclysm world event which consists of elemental invasions and a Twilight’s Hammer questline. The cult has agents within the Horde and the Alliance, inciting the people with prophecies of doom and the end of the world of Azeroth.

Doomsayers located at the Drag in Orgrimmar announce an incoming cataclysm, where only those devout will ascend among the elementals and be eternal. All this talk will make more sense when you do the quests of Vash’jir when the Cataclysm expansion is launched.

The Twilight’s Hammer Cult is using the lifeforce of the demigod L’ghorek to transform cultists into Elemental Ascendants. This is what they mean with “ascending into a new way of life beyond death and been reborn” during the world event quests: “Cast off your lives of war and drudgery, be reborn in elements and claim your rightful place in this new world!”

The questline starts with Earthmender Norsala (The Earthen Ring) with the quest titled: The Situation So Far. Make sure to talk to Blood Guard Torek too. Both NPCs stand in front of the Orgrimmar Bank.

We have screenshots of each step through the entire Horde questline, and video (available in 720p HD, 1080p HD and lower resolutions).

The Allliance version will be posted tomorrow.