Surprise. DC Comics has released World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen # 3 (of 5). You can grab the digital download at the Comixology Store.

Plot Summary

Halford struggles to govern his body and mind, but as he loses more and more of himself to the Worgen form, he feels his self-control slipping away. We delve even further into WORLD OF WARCRAFT lore and learn more about the seductive power of the Worgen. Are they brutal beasts or extraordinary heroes?


Writer: Micky Neilson, James Waugh
Art: Ludo Lullabi, Tony Washington

Review (Spoilers)

Micky Neilson and James Waugh continue to immerse fans into the origins of the curse of the worgen.

Issue # 3 starts in the woods of The Blackwald, located in Southern Gilneas, just south of the Gilneas City. The Blackwald is the big tree which serves as the den for the Worgen and the Night Elves.

Detective Halford, now transformed into a worgen, finds the den and stumbles upon Stormglen Village, now deserted. The smell of blood drew him there. Most of the inhabitants have been slain for refusing Alpha Prime’s gift: the curse of the worgen.

It’s revealed in this book, who created the Scythe of Elune … Belysra Starbreeze. As a priestess of the moon, she blessed the artifact.

Belysra provided an enchanted weapon, the staff of Elune. Ralaar provided a fang of Goldrinn. Together, both artifacts created the Scythe of Elune. The scythe blade being the massive fang intertwined with the staff.

The story takes you to events of the far past, and the near present.

There are a few key characters making cameos, such as Baron Ashbury, an NPC which players find in early quests of the Worgen playable race. He is also found as an Undead within the halls of Shadowfang Keep … the hateful first boss of that dungeon who casts Pain and Suffering, asphyxiate and Dark Archangel form.

Not only do we learn the true origin of the Scythe of Elune and the first humanoid Worgen, but we witness the founding of The Cenarion Circle as a response to the new rising enemy: the Worgen.

Malfurion has knowledge, somehow, of a tree named Dalal’nir … a tree that soothes the feral nature of many animal forms within the Emerald Dream. Curiously, Fandral has never seen or heard of this tree before.

Halford Ramsey continues to read the worgen book: “The Purity of Essence”. From the words within the book, Halford figures out what truly happened in the first two issues before he was bitten by Alpha Prime, and deciphered what the next target of the worgen attacks will be … Gilneas City. With only two issues to go, Micky Neilson and James Waugh are quickly setting readers into collision course with the Battle for Gilneas and the invasion of the Forsaken. More secrets and lore no doubt to be revealed.

The World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen has thus far fulfilled expectations and introduced new ones. It’s been an exquisite roller-coaster of suspense keeping you on the edge of your seat craving for more on the Worgen and the Scythe of Elune.


The Blackwald
Stormglen Village


Detective Halford Ramsey
Prime Alpha Ralaar
Belysra Starbreeze
Lord Genn Greymane
Lord Godfrey
Baron Ashbury
Master Alchemist Krennan Aranas
Lord Darius Crowley (Leader of the Gilneas Liberation Front)
Fandral Staghelm
Shandris Feathermoon
Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage