I yet have to explore all of Highmountain, and I have been playing there at least 3-4 days. It is so vast, and such a network of tunnels, caves, bridges, and even secret paths to the top of mountain peaks.

Thus far, this has been the riskiest treasure chest I have stumbled upon, and I didn’t know it was there until I decided to explore near a Nesingwary camp.

So I asked our followers in Twitter if I should risk it and get this treasure chest.



I took a shot at reaching the Treasure chest, and got it right on the first attempt. So How do you get back once you loot the Treasure Chest considering it is a really high and deadly jump from that branch to the ground below?

The answer is within the Treasure Chest itself, friend. Very handy for your risky adventures in the high places of Highmountain. and your artifact get a little boost too. However, be careful. Only lasts 15 sec.


Check out the video to learn where this Treasure Chest is located, and how to climb down to reach the branch without falling.