claims there are rumors that David Wenham might play the role as Arthas in the upcoming Warcraft The Movie by Sam Raimi.  David Wenham is from New South Wales, Australia.  He has played roles in Lord of the Rings (Faramir), Frank Miller’s 300, and Van Helsing.  A source to the rumor was not identified, so don’t take it serious.  Back on 2007, it was said that Arthas wouldn’t be in the Warcraft The Movie.  However, Blizzard Entertainment is well known for its continuous iterating and jammin’ of ideas, and changes of direction until things meet their quality standard.

At Blizzcon 2007, it was said that the movie would focus more on the Alliance side, and a new Alliance character would debut as an anti-thrall who Chris Metzen described as “Kick-ass”.  Everyone knows now in the present after the launch of the World of Warcraft comic book that this kick-ass anti-thrall character is King Varian Wrynn (Lo’gosh).

However, not long ago we reported that Gary Whitta acknowledged he was writing the Warcraft The Movie script, but with the introduction of Sam Raimi into the mix, the script will be overhauled from the ground up.  Maybe this time around Arthas might be part of the film.

On other note, the voice actor behind Arthas in-game, Patrick Seitz , is making public appearances at the Armageddon Expo—October 17 & 18 in Melbourne, AU and the Armageddon Expo—October 24-26 in Auckland, NZ.