It is from Mmo-champion we learn that by achieving the last part of the legendary quest an in-game cinematic appears as a conclusion of 6.1 and show us a little more about the future event that awaits us in Tanaan Jungle.

Of course, the following cinematic contain huge spoilers about 6.2.


As the cinematic is showing us, the Iron Horde is pretty broken with only Grommash and Kilrogg remaining as Warlords. For me, two key-points of the cinematic are not really big surprise.

  • Killrogg’s betrayl : In his Lord of War trailer, we know that Kilrogg is joining the Iron Horde because the Bleeding Hollow clan can see how they’ll be killed. But in this timeline, maybe the death he saw is when he would be in the Iron Horde. His choice of joining Gul’dan’s Horde could be his way to trick his death.
  • Gul’dan actions: We are talking about the one Darkness incarnate, it’s no surprises that Gul’dan is trying (I mean does he really even try? It’s a success) to take the Iron Horde for himself and the Legion.

And the surprise is…  from who is the blood Gul’dan is offering to Kilrogg? Mannoroth is this timeline is dead, and the corruption that affects Kilrogg seems more powerful than the “normal one” by just turning green the orc.

Now what really surprises me, is the change in Killrogg’s beard. How by drinking the blood his beard gain another skull?

Again, this cinematic was really great to enjoy and I can’t wait to see it myself ingame (and at the time I’m writing this article, I’m about to complete the last quest at the Foundry.)

Benjamin Vogt

French Editor working for the World of Warcraft section of Blizzplanet since March 2014.

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