While searching for Rare Elites, I encountered a friendly ogre at a tower located southwest of the Garrison in Frostfire Ridge. The ogre gave me three choices: to sell stuff to me there, to come with me to the garrison or to punch him. Naturally, I chose for him to come to the Garrison.

I login to the game earlier and found him near the Town Hall. He only sold one item: The Dance Hat. It has no tooltip and looked like trash loot. Once I clicked the hat, out of curiosity, I couldn’t believe my eyes when the two nearby peons started to dance with me. As I moved about around my Garrison, every peon and NPC began to follow me forming a dance line and chasing me all around while dancing in unison. Very fun item.


The origin of the Fruit Hat can be traced to samba singer Carmen Miranda (1930-1950s) who wore a fruit hat in the film “The Gang’s All Here” (1943) singing her memorable “The Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat”. Curiously, my troll character was dancing the brazilian capoeira celebrating his newly acquired fruit hat.