The World of Warcraft: The War Within Alpha testing is imminently on the horizon, where testers will be able to explore the first zone, The Isle of Dorn.

  • Isle of Dorn Quests: Most of the level-up campaign quests and local stories (side quests) will be available with some main story components remaining encrypted until launch.
  • Two Dungeons: Cinderbrew Meadery & The Rookery
  • Three Delves: Earthcrawl Mines, Fungal Folly, and Kriegval’s Rest
  • Profession Updates: Herbalism
  • Hero Talents: Most classes will have at least one testable tree except for Assassination Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, and Brewmaster Monk which will come online in later test builds.

Additionally, the WoW team also announced a special limited collector’s edition (CE) for The War Within that will be available for pre-order starting today through various global retailers, including the Blizzard Gear Store.

This beautiful set not only celebrates The War Within but also commemorates WoW’s 20th anniversary and includes:

  • Epic Edition tier of the game via digital download and all its bonuses
  • Art of The War Within hardcover book
  • Collector’s Pin featuring Alleria, Anduin and Thrall
  • 20th Anniversary Gryphon Rider statue

Visit the official The War Within website for more details about the upcoming expansion.

To apply for a chance to join The War Within Beta testing, when that phase becomes available, press the “Sign Up” button at the following webpage.