Some folks have rumored that Galakrond will return in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion because of an in-game book that describes how Galakrond came to be because he drank corrupted waters from Tyrhold as read in Progress Report: Uldorus.

Already we are detecting reduced levels of contamination. I hope your investigation into how Yogg-Saron compromised these living waters will yield answers.

In the meantime, we can be assured that the evolution of another Galakrond will not be triggered by consuming unfiltered water.

We can assume that Yogg-saron’s corruption of Tyrhold’s waters caused Galakrond to grow in size as he fed from consuming other proto-drakes, grew multiple eyes and limbs across his body, but one particular aspect of his abilities isn’t explained… the consumed proto-drakes could be vomited by Galakrond as undead, to attack those opposing Galakrond.

The story of Galakrond was told in the novel World of Warcraft: Dawn of the Aspects by Richard A. Knaak. The novel featured Kalecgos, Jaina Proudmoore and the spirit of Tyr. But most of the story happens shortly before the Dragon Aspects were empowered by the Titans through the Watchers of Ulduar.

With Galakrond mentioned in-game and debuting in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s Legacies (Chapter One) — it’s a fair assumption that Galakrond’s return is imminent. Somehow.

Galakrond is massive in size. Therefore, it is not feasible to think that Blizzard will use his entire body. We have never seen something as colossal as Galakrond in the game. So it would make sense to fight his head and frontal arms as Phase 1. The rest of his body, just an illusion of sorts, like the sky animation.


For the Galakrond Raid encounter in Dragonblight, after the Primalists successfully resurrect him — I would start the event in the same fashion as Terros (Vault of the Incarnates). Galakrond’s head rises above the edge of the crater where he formerly fell. We fight his head, and must kill both of his small frontal arms (located beneath his head). During the encounter, his most devasting attack is slamming his horned wing limbs on the ground and swiping a large area with them.

Every few minutes, Proto-drakes spawn and walk fly toward Galakrond’s mouth to sacrifice willfully in order to empower Galakrond. Kill them quick, but some will make it through.

Immediately, Galakrond opens his mouth and vomits undead proto-drakes. DPS must kill them quickly before they explode and wipe the raid group.

Combine elements from Sennarth (Vault of the Incarnates) where Galakrond will vomit acid in a cone-shape in front of him, and that area becomes toxic permanently. Let’s say 1/6 in a 360 degrees. The raid must move say… to the left to avoid that acid area. You have to DPS Galakrond into Phase 2 before all 6/6 cones in 360 degrees of Galakrond’s Rest is covered in acid. If that happens, that’s a full raid wipe.


Galakrond enrages and slams the remaining Galakrond’s Rest crater edge collapsing it diagonally. All players slide down into Galakrond’s mouth as the raid is swallowed into his stomach. That’s a nod to the Ahn’Qiraj C’Thun raid.

Players must remain in solid ground and avoid getting stacks of vomit. If a player gets say 20/20 stacks, the player dies, and his body transforms into Undead, and lose player control. Undead players’ body begins to attack the Raid. But let’s not get to 20/20 stacks. OK? We fight some undead proto-drakes in his esophagus. When the first wave is killed, a gush of saliva pushes the team further down his stomach to the next part. Galakrond is now airborne while we are in his esophagus, so we are pushed further down his stomach.

In this area, Yogg-Saron Faceless Ones and Tentacles fight players. Kill them. Another gush of saliva pushes players to the last area in Galakrond’s stomach. We are instructed to attack the stomach wall. While most of the raid attacks it, DPS has to kill Galakrond’s parasites. They drop an item that further collapses the stomach wall.


A few dragons have been fighting Galakrond while airborne. They see the side of Galakrond bursts, and descend into the opening to assist players. Not all players can use a dragon. Those who get to mount a dragon are flown to the back of Galakrond.

The other 1/3 of the raid, must click the Dragonscale Expedition pack icon to begin climbing Galakrond’s scales. As the climbers go up, they have to fight limbs that try to swat players off Galakrond. When they die, grab their DPS buff and get stacks of them. Once those climbers reach the top, they can join the raid, and begin to attack the eyes and limbs coming out of Galakrond’s torso and back. Kill the 4 Primalists, and use their essence to destroy both of Galakrond’s wings.


The dragons snatch us from Galakrond’s back, and Galakrond crash lands in the Ancient Bough in Ohn’ahran Plains. He was heading there to claim Elune’s Seed. The original goal of the Primalists before the Maruuk and us stopped them.

With no wings and no frontal legs to support him, Galakrond commands the proto-drakes to come to his mouth to mutate new legs and wings.

Player must stop the proto-drake waves. In the meantime, the newest Primalist leader and his Earth Elemental need to die. The encounter ends with players killing the Earth Elemental. The Earth Elemental’s corpse tips over into Galakrond’s mouth… sealing it shut. Kill Galakrond while he is unable to consume any further proto-drakes.

The Maruuk arrive and shoot their dragon-killing ballistas at Galakrond’s head as he reaches 2% health.

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