The latest PTR 8.3 Patch build 32272 introduced the questline that sends you into Pandaria to search for the Rajani clan, the mogu who follow Ra-Den as their master. You enter the Mogu’shan Terrace dungeon to align its Engine of Nalak’sha with the Chamber of Heart.

Ra-Den then comes with you to the Chamber of Heart. MOTHER attempts to align the Engine of Nalak’sha and the Forge of Origination to the Chamber of Heart, but an anomaly impedes the procedeure. From there, you go to the Halls of Origination to fix the problem.

Wrathion intercedes and tricks you into entering an Horrific Vision. Something Magni disapproved after the fact. From there, you enter the Blackwing Descent with Wrathion to recover an item that will create the Legendary Cloak in order to protect you while inside a Horrific Vision.

The questline ends with the unlocking of Horrific Vision of Stormwind and Orgrimmar — accessed through gateways inside the Chamber of Heart.

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"Return to the Black Prince" is obtained onscreen when you enter Dazar'alor
1. Return of the Black Prince
2. Where the Heart is
3. Network Diagnostics
4. A Titanic Problem
5. The Halls of Origination
6. To Ramkahen
7. The Uldum Accord
8. Surfacing Threats


"Forging Onward" is obtained onscreen when you enter the main building of Ramkahen in Uldum.
1. Forging Onward
2. It's Never Easy
3. The Mysterious Sigil
4. Clans of the Mogu
5. Finding the Rajani
6. Time-Lost Warriors
7. Proof of Tenacity
8. Curious Corruption
9. The Engine of Nalak'sha
10. Restored Hope
11. Magni's Findings
12. Power Protocol Initiation
13. Re-Origination
14. Investigating the Halls
15. Beginning the Descent
16. Deeper into the Darkness
17. Descending into Madness
18. Opening the Gateway
19. Into the Darkest Depths
20. Whispers in the Dark
21. Into Dreams
22. Accessing the Archives
23. Ny'alotha, the Waking City: The Corruptor's End
24. A Gathering of Champions
25. Warchief of the Horde

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