Blizzard is considering the thought of implementing a way of transportation between Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff to make it easier to low level characters—I assume.  Nowadays, low levels usually ask a Warlock for a summon to Shattrath or Dalaran, and from there they can simply jump through a portal to Thunderbluff.  However, a fan complained that Exodar has transportation to Stomrwind and Darnassus via Boat.  The Horde on the other hand has no direct transport to Thunderbluff besides portals in Dalaran and Shattrath City.  To this Kisirani responded:

Blizzard Quote:
Essentially. The Zephyr is getting set to transport players between Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff in an upcoming patch.

While the Exodar requires an extra hop in most cases, it is still connected by boat travel and no overland travel is necessary. That was not true of Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.

I take it you haven’t traveled there by boat lately, as Menethil is no longer in the equation.

Stormwind -> Auberdine -> Exodar.

Simply put, every single city aside from Thunder Bluff is connected by a boat or zeppelin. Thunder Bluff has been unique since the latest expansion in that it still requires a run. No, it is not as difficult a run as the old Menethil jog, but it still requires a lengthy trip through over-level, hostile territory for an individual newly made who wants to make use of the facilities in Thunder Bluff.

This addition isn’t primarily directed at the people who have the flightpath. Yes, you can fly from Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff still, just as you can fly from Ironforge to Stormwind, but that does not invalidate the tram’s existence for those starting a new character or starting the game as a whole. And while you may not think of it in those terms, there are still fresh-faced players, new to World of Warcraft, joining us. wink

As the craft leaves from one of the zeppelin towers in Durotar and is slower than the wyvern flight, I don’t believe the population of Thunder Bluff will skyrocket significantly.

Oh, and for those of you asking, the Zephyr is indeed a zeppelin.

I remember a low level horde quest that sends you to Thunderbluff to deliver an item and you get a timer to deliver it within that time.  The implementation of a Zeppelin could trivialize that particular quest, but it could just be edited, or in any case, Blizzard could somehow phase the Zeppelin and give low level players access to the Zeppelin as a reward to doing that particular quest—like they did with the transport at the Nesingwary Camp in Sholazar Basin. Just my two cents.