What’s more powerful than a big billboard in the middle of Times Square? Of course, a massive Gorehowl axe across the roof of a Taxi.

I visited this scene between 43th Street and 44th street on 7th Avenue in Times Square. I had seen countless photos on Twitter, but photos just don’t do justice.

My jaw literally dropped to the ground when I witnessed this thing. After shaking the dust off and re-attaching my jaw back to its sockets, I took a few photos, then a video, then I had to just walk around to look at and appreciate this scene in a different lens.

See, this Gorehowl is not a mere cardboard prop. No. It is not wood and plastic, either. I can’t even describe what material this thing is crafted with but this Gorehowl is the real deal. If not made of bronze, definitely 100% metal from point A to point B. This Gorehowl replica can’t be made by anyone else but WETA, in my opinion. The massiveness. The care to detail. The craftmanship. It got to be WETA.

It is not just put on top of the Taxi, either. After a close look, someone literally drilled a hole across the Taxi’s roof and carefully placed the axe through the hole. Likely serves as counter-weight to make sure the axe stays in place. The axe is approximately 12-15 feet long. It just looks massive and rad.

Thousands of tourists and residents walk through Times Square and many were taking photos and standing by to talk and awe at the marvel.

The security guard told me the Gorehowl axe exhibition will stay there until November 12th evening. Make sure to get there to take a photo as memento. Share and Retweet this with friends and Follow us!

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