World of Warcraft executive producer Holly Longdale has announced the World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap with major milestones and plans for Dragonflight, Classic and Hardcore Realms.

  • Dragonflight Seeds of Renewal (10.2.5)
  • Follower dungeons
  • Dragonflight epilogue quests
  • Explore and test out additional features on the Public Test Realm, now live
  • Cataclysm Classic Beta
  • Signups are open today!
  • Season of Discovery: Phase 2
  • Level 40 Level Cap with Gnomeregan as the new level-up raid and Stranglethorn Vale as the new world PvP location.
  • Hardcore Realms: Solo Self-found Mode

World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap – Dragonflight

The Dragonflight 10.2.5 is slated to go Live in the Winter — which broadly falls anywhere between December 22 and March 21. This patch includes the Dragon Isles Epilogues questlines, Reclamation of Gilneas, Dragonriding Worldwide, Follower Dungeons, Azerothian Archives, and the Outland Cup. There is also a Hearthstone Anniversary Event that should be active at another date, unless the patch launches on the anniversary (March 11).

I don’t think 10.2.5 is on March 11, but the 10.2.6 is placed between Winter and Spring, which sorta means 10.2.6 should be at least 4 weeks after 10.2.5.

Another great thing in this roadmap is the hint that The War Within Alpha begins shortly before the Spring (Spring officially starts on March 21(USA) for reference) and somewhere near when 10.2.6 launches.

Season 4 begins in the Spring introducing Dragonflight Raids revisited, New PvP Season, New Mythic+ Season rotation, new Open World Rewards.

Somewhere before the Summer (Summer starts June 21 (USA) for reference), we should expect Patch 10.2.7 dubbed Dark Heart. This patch includes Timerunning: Pandamonium, Harbinger Quests, Troll & Draenei Heritage Armor questline, and new Holiday event.

The War Within Beta begins between Spring and Summer which means anywhere between April-June 20.

Surprised to see The War Within Pre-Patch 11.0.1 arriving in the Summer. This hints at an August launch. That pre-patch will include World Events, Warbands, Dynamic Flight, and Guild Updates.

Between Summer and Autumn (I assume mostly August; September at the latest), The War Within introduces Campaign Story, Delves, Hero Talents, Earthen Allied Race, 4 new zones, 8 new dungeons, new Raid, new PvP Season.

Patch 11.0.5 is slated for Autumn (Autumn starts on September 23 (USA) for reference). Introduces Story and Quests, new content system updates. A 20th Anniversary Event.

World of Warcraft Classic

For the World of Warcraft Classic 2024 Roadmap, the image below shows that the Wrath of the Lich King Classic’s Ruby Sanctum Raid begins in the Winter (Winter begins December 22 and ends on March 21(USA) for reference).

Season of Discovery (Winter date) introduces Level 40, new Runes, new PvP event, and the Gnomeregan Raid.

Classic Hardcore (Winter-Spring) adds self-found mode.

In the Spring, Season of Discovery gets Level 50, new Runes, and a new Raid.

Somewhere between March 21 – June, the Cataclysm Classic pre-patch event, Worgen & Goblins, Improved Guild Features, Account-wide collections, and transmog.

In the Summer proper, Cataclysm Classic launches with the campaign sotry, 4 raids, 7 dungeons, 2 heroic dungeons, PvP Battleground, and Darkmoon Island.

In the Summer, Season of Discovery gets Level 60, new Runes, and end game activities.

Between the end of the Summer and the start of Autumn, Cataclysm Classic will introduce Rise of the Zandalari, and in the Autumn, Rage of the Firelands.

In the Autumn, Season of Discovery will introduce end game content updates.