In this mind-blowing teaser released by Blizzard Entertainment at GamesCom, Gul’dan has found Illidan encased in some sort of green (carbonite?) crystal.


There are many details not clarified yet about how Illidan is there or how he returns to life. We’ll see what we can find out tomorrow during our interview with Tom Chilton and Alex Afrasiabi. Stay tuned.


This is what Tom Chilton said after the teaser was unveiled:

Chilton: This is completely an independent piece that was just made to be connecting point between the expansions.

Clearly, Khadgar was right not to trust what just happened with Gul’dan (that we wouldn’t see the last of him). So in much the same way that Garrosh Hellscream set in motion the events of Warlords of Draenor, Gul’dan is setting you up for the events of the next expansion.