Skin of the Saurok

Image of Archmage Vargoth: Ihgaluk Crag is a dangerous place. Luckily, you have the magic of the Silver Covenant behind you.

I can transform you into a saurok.

I will perform the first half of the illusion on you now. Afterwards, you should go directly to Ihgaluk Crag. Once there, I will contact you and complete the second half of the illusion.



Go to Ihgaluk Crag


(The voice of Archmage Vargoth echoes in your mind.)

Image of Archmage Vargoth: Are you there yet? Ah, good.

I can complete the second half of the enchantment now. You will soon see your disguise appear. As long as you stay out of combat, the saurok should see you as one of their own.

If you need to shed your disguise, you can use its arcane energy to damage and temporarily immobilize your foes.

Good luck!