Rally up and heed the call, my lore fans brethren. Our most beloved father, creator of the worlds yonder, has spoken. You shall find joy and warmth in the pages of this most sacred scroll: World of Warcraft Official Magazine # 3. The Thundergod, often known as the Bourbon Cowboy, addresses the masses to guide us and tell us of his deepest and heart-close memories.

Learn a bit about the Doomhammer weapon lore, and the Prelude to Cataclysm. Prideful Fanboy hat aside, you can find a preview of the World of Warcraft Official Magazine issue # 3 and its content index here.

Issue 3 of World of Warcraft Official Magazine is rolling off the presses and preparing to take mailboxes by storm. Inside you’ll find an exclusive interview with Blizzard lore overlord Chris Metzen, a behind-the-scenes feature on the item-design team, and a preview of what’s happening to the characters of Azeroth when the Cataclysm hits.

The magazine is an epic high-quality, collectible publication, featuring 144 ad-free pages of strategy and tactics, in-depth lore discussions, awe-inspiring artwork, and behind-the-scenes insight from the World of Warcraft developers.

Each cover features unique, specially commissioned artwork from top fantasy artists working closely with Blizzard Entertainment. The magazine is available only through subscription – you won’t find this on the newsstand.