Christie Golden gets another scratch on the wall with World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects which hit the New York Times Best Seller Hardcover List with a # 26 for the week ending July 23, 2011.

It is no surprise. Many fans have shared their feedback about this novel in several forums and for the most part it is positive.

The events of this novel tie-in with Patch 4.2 in a few ways. If you have done Thrall’s quests in Mount Hyjal, you will see Fandral Staghelm shattering Thrall’s soul in four pieces and scattering them across the four elemental planes. Each soul piece represents an aspect of Thrall’s inner demons and regrets. The novel explores that far more in depth.

At the end of the questline you will see Nozdormu and the other aspects joining a ritual to save Azeroth.

The novel will answer your question: Wasn’t Nozdormu missing? When was he found? Thrall goes to the Caverns of Time in a quest to search Nozdormu. I don’t have to tell you what potential events might happen when you enter the Caverns of Time, especially with the Infinite Dragonflight hot on Thrall’s heels.

You will witness the ordering of a new blue dragon aspect, and how involved the Twilight’s Hammer might have been in the Nexus War.

A new threat to all the dragon aspects and the world of Azeroth rises and that ties-in with the Nexus War in ways that will become clear as you read the novel. It’s very likely this might be a raid boss at some point in this expansion or a future one.

Find out why this book is dubbed the best World of Warcraft novel to date. Order World of Warcraft: Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects.