Cryptozoic Entertainment updated their Facebook page with a giveaway of a GenCon badge and a Loot code — you would be insane to miss a chance at getting any of these.

On another note, all GenCon attendees should know you can get a Class Starter Deck for only $5.00 at the event. Look into your convention swag bag to find the coupon. Bring it to the Cryptozoic booth to redeem your coupon and pay only $5.00 for the Class Starter Deck.

For those attending Gen Con Indy, you’ll find a coupon for a $5 Class Starter Deck in your convention bag. If you’re new to the TCG, think of it as rolling a main. If you already have a deck, think of it as rolling an alt. What is your favorite part of Gen Con? For a chance at today’s Gen Con badge, COMMENT with your answer. For your chance at today’s Center of Attention Loot code, LIKE this post.

We’re hosting Darkmoon Faire Indianapolis at Gen Con! You’ll be able to play in the DMF, demo the TCG from our product specialists, challenge Alexstrasza, compete in our open Cryptozoic League, and do so much more.

We’ll also be selling the World of Warcraft TCG at our booth, and Gen Con attendees will find a coupon in their convention bag good for one 2011 Class Starter Deck for $5. That’s over 50% off MSRP, and you’ll instantly own a tournament-ready deck.