The Patch 4.2: The Firelands will change the Horde and Alliance Quartermaster valor and justice points items radically. On the Horde side, for example, Jamus’Vaz currently sells ilevel 359 items for valor points. Come Patch 4.2, he will no longer sell those. Those items will be sold instead by the Justice Points Quartermaster for the same amount.

Jamus’Vaz will now sell ilevel 378 items for Valor Points. For those wondering, all valor points will be reset when Patch 4.2 goes live. Make good use of those valor points while you can. If you have trinkets below ilevel 359, I suggest spending the valor points in those as all other items will become obsolete replaced by ilevel 378 items.

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Level Spec Armor Type Slot Name Cost
378 tank Neck Stoneheart Necklace 1250 Valor
378 tank Relic Deathclutch Figurine 700 Valor
378 caster Neck Necklace of Smoke Signals 1250 Valor
378 dps Relic Covenant of the Flame 700 Valor
378 heal Relic Soulflame Vial 700 Valor
378 tank Plate Wrist Bracers of Regal Force 1250 Valor
378 tank Finger Deflecting Brimstone Band 1250 Valor
378 dps Leather Wrist Flamebinder Bracers 1250 Valor
378 dps Relic Relic of the Elemental Lords 700 Valor
378 heal Relic Singed Plume of Aviana 700 Valor
378 healer Wand Scorchvine Wand 700 Valor
378 dps Thrown Morningstar Shard 700 Valor
378 dps Finger Serrated Brimstone Signet 1250 Valor
378 caster Finger Crystalline Brimstone Ring 1250 Valor
378 melee Neck Stoneheart Choker 1250 Valor
378 caster Wand Trail of Embers 700 Valor
378 tank Thrown Thrown Giantslicer 700 Valor
378 dps Finger Splintered Brimstone Seal 1250 Valor
378 heal Finger Soothing Brimstone Circle 1250 Valor
378 caster Neck Amulet of Burning Brilliance 1250 Valor
378 Neck Firemind Pendant 1250 Valor
378 heal Plate Wrist Bracers of Imperious Truths 1250 Valor
378 heal Leather Wrist Scorchskull Bindings 1250 Valor
378 dps Mail Wrist Bracers of Forked Lightning 1250 Valor
378 heal Cloth Wrist Firesoul Wristguards 1250 Valor
378 tank Thrown Deflecting Star 700 Valor
378 melee Plate Wrist Gigantiform Bracers 1250 Valor
378 heal Mail Wrist Bracers of Misting Ash 1250 Valor
378 dps Cloth Wrist Emberflame Bracers 1250 Valor

Tier 12 Gear