Prelate Reenu: Why would the fara be wandering outside of Blademoon Bloom in the first place?

Crippled Caravan

Prelate Reenu: I’m getting reports that the fara have started leaving their bloom and attacking wandering travelers. This is most unusual.

The creatures of Blademoon Bloom have never been hostile outside of their land.

We already dispatched a number of Rangari to try and resolve this issue.

A caravan from Azeroth passed through here recently, you should probably check on your people to insure their safety.


Quest Objectives

Find Fiona’s Caravan in Shadowmoon Valley.




Prelate Reenu: The caravan was being led by a woman that looked like a wolf. I must admit I’m still getting used to you Azerothians. They left here just a few hours ago.


Fiona: Herbalism was so much easier in the old days. Now we have to fight through hell and back to extract even a few herbs!


Fiona: Commander! Am I glad to see you.

We have a situation here.


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