It has begun for many MVPs, press and fansite staff members including Blizzplanet. So far, the following Blizzplanet staff members have confirmed to have access to download the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Friends & Family Alpha client: @TheRedShirtGuy, @dpershonok, @MontoyaDaniel, @ARQfredHG and myself. We are waiting on other staff members to confirm. THANK YOU, Zarhym!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Blizzard is not sending beta keys. If you get one email giving you a beta key, and asking you to click a link — it is fake. Blizzard manually flags the accounts without any keys involved.

In this milestone, Blizzard Entertainment is rolling a wave of invites. Bashiok tweeted the following:

This first phase of #Warlords Alpha is what we tend to call “Friends & Family”, and is an extremely limited list of specific invitees.