Update: PvP Honor Talents System was introduced in this patch. Added video for the Rogue’s Honor Talents.


The area marked in the map below in Crimson Thicket (west of Jandbik) used to be empty. It is now populated with an elite Ettin giant, Moonfeather Prowlers, and Nightborne Withered.


Treasure Demons have been added. I found one in Suramar by Crimson Thicket. It was elite, and won’t attack you. It’s meant to be raided by a group. A gold amount window opens up in the middle of the screen for gold you loot from the Treasure demon. If he isn’t killed within a few seconds, he opens a portal and disappears. Reference to the Diablo III Treasure Goblins.




Teloth’aran in Crimson Thicket (Suramar) used to be empty. Now it has been populated with nasty spiders and nerubian(?) Vile Lurkers. Found 2 Crystalline Mana Shards, so it’s worth exploring it every few minutes.


Portals in Shal’Aran are now working as intended. Beta testers with NVIDIA cards are asked to switch to DirectX 9 (Advanced settings) and restart the game. There’s a DirectX11 issue with some cards.


New Legion login screen is available. It still has the Warlords of Draenor music, however.



The Map now shows a blue circle for the location of Dungeons, and a green circle for the location of raid portals. When you hover the mouse cursor over the circle it displays the name of the dungeon or raid.


In addition, Order Hall portals or entrances are now marked on the Dalaran map. Hunters, Warriors, Shamans, and Demon Hunters have a portal at Krasus landing that only they can see. The exceptions are Monks, Mages, and Druids who kept their Order Hall teleport spell.


Designer Notes

Chad “Celestalon” Nevig (Technical Game Designer) posted designer notes for the latest World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha patch build ( released today. There are a few changes to Classes and Artifact traits, but overall the Horde is now ready to test Broken Shore content; and Druid, Priest and Warrior players can now test Order Hall campaigns.

Read the patch notes below:


Celestalon: Hey all, We have another alpha build going up today, primarily focused on bugfixes.

Notable changes focused on classes:

  • Class Status – We’ve made many iterations based on feedback and testing. Here are some highlights:
    • General – Tuning has started! A very rough pass has been made over all classes to get them into the same ballpark. Note that we have not yet finished a first tuning pass on artifacts yet; some specs are still significantly under- or over-powered with full artifacts. At this point, class mechanics are firm, but not necessarily set in stone yet.
    • Protection Paladins – Revisions to Judgment, Avenger’s Shield, Consecration, and Shield of the Righteous, and Hammer of the Righteous, to create better gameplay. Seraphim readded as a talent.
    • Brewmaster Monks – Gift of the Ox changed to trigger more reliably, and not trigger more often at low health. This effect has been moved to a talent, replacing Secret Ingredients. Expel Harm readded as a baseline ability.
    • Retribution Paladins – Holy Wrath talent replaced with a new version of Sanctified Wrath.
    • Marksmanship Hunters – Vulnerable revised to not snare the target.
  • Artifact Trait Status – Mechanics are firm at this point, but not necessarily set in stone. An initial tuning pass is still ongoing. Some noteworthy changes include:
    • Retribution Paladins – Divine Tempest and Echo of the Highlord tweaked.
    • Brewmaster Monk – Active ability revised to grant a defensive benefit.
    • Unholy Death Knight – Active ability revised to not overlap with Army of the Dead.
    • Arcane Mages – Active ability revised to be attached to a target, instead of the ground.
  • Broken Shore – Now ready for testing by Horde!
  • Order Hall Campaigns – We’re ready to test the campaigns (including Missions) for a few additional classes:
  • Druid
  • Priest
  • Warrior

Thanks, and we look forward to your feedback!

Also, check out the design notes from the previous build, if you haven’t already as well: