Those who pre-ordered the World of Warcraft: Traveler The Spiral Path (Kindle) got an email notification last night to launch their Kindle app for automatic download. The physical book has shipped as well and should be en route for home delivery.


Aramar Thorne (Age 12)
Second Mate Makasa Flintwill (Age 17 female human from Stranglethorn Vale)
Murky (murloc)
Hackle (Woodpaw gnoll pup. traveling companion)
Captain Malus (human. killed Greydon)
Ceya Northbrooke (Aramar’s mother)
Robb Glade (Aramar’s stepfather. blacksmith)
Robertson and Selya (half siblings)
Soot (family dog)
Throgg (ogre. shattered hand. Dire Maul resident)
Zathra (The Hidden. female Sandfury troll tracker. mercenary)
Ssarbik (The Hidden. sorcerer. male Arakkoa)
Ssavra (Ssarbik’s sister. The Hidden. female Arakkoa)
Baron Reigol Valdread, the Whisper-Man (The Hidden. Forsaken swordsman. mercenary. Formerly, SI:7)
Faeyrine Springsong (druid in Gadgetzan)
Tarindrella (young female dryad. NPC in Shadowglen & The Protectors of Mount Hyjal)
Rendow (female night elf. New Thalanaar NPC)
Garenth (young male night elf)
Daisy (Fizzle & Pozzik’s Speedbarge Innkeeper. NPC.)
Thalia Amberhide (female tauren, NPC)
Magistrix Elmarine (female night elf)
Shagtusk (female Quillboar)
Corewind (young male tauren)
Aarux the Plagued Nightmare (NPC)
Sensiago Kryyl (human. The Hidden’s Inevitable ship helmsman)
Hotfix (young male goblin)
Gimble Sprysprocket (leper gnome. Razzle’s cousin)
Throgg (The Hidden. Ogre. The only Mahrook Ogre clan survivor. Shattered Hand orcs saved him from Alliance raid on his clan)


Captain Greydon Thorne (deceased)
Thalyss Greyoak (night elf. deceased)
First Mate Durgan One-God
Lookout Duan Phen
Third Mate Silent Joe Barker
Cook Assistant Keelhaut Watt
Helmsman Thom Frakes
Cook Jonas Cobb
Akashinga (Makasa’s older sibling)
Feral Scar (Yeti matriarch. brute. NPC)
One-Eye (Wyvern)
Wuul Breezrider (tauren)
Thornweaver Chugara (Razorfen Downs Quilboar)
Death Speaker Blackthorn (Razorfen Downs NPC)
Whistler (quilboar)
Bristlemaw (quilboar)
Charlga Razorflank (quilboar NPC)
Amnennar the Coldbringer (Scourge Lich)
Willy (Aram’s best friend in Lakeshire. Collected dead spiders)
Stitch (Aram’s best friend in Lakeshire. Collected dead spiders)
Muurgly (Murky’s uncle)
MEGA (Mechanical Engineer’s Guild of Azeroth)
Razzle Sprysprocket (gnome engineer)
Teremok (Shattered Hand orc)
Thrull (Throgg’s brother. Ogre. deceased)
Ulmok (Shattered Hand blacksmith)
Garamok (Shattered Hand orc)

Woodpaw Gnolls

Matriarch Greasefang (Woodpaw gnoll leader)
Claw (Woodpaw gnoll)
Jawstretcher (Hackle’s father. Woodpaw gnoll)
Gnaw (Hackle’s mother. Woodpaw gnoll)
Jaggal (Woodpaw gnoll matriarch’s son)
Karrion (female)
Sivet (female. Jaggal’s daughter)

Gordunni Ogres

Ro’kull and Ro’jak (ogre twins)
Short-Beard and Long-Beard (two-headed ogre)


The Wavestrider (Captain Greydon Thorne ship)
The Inevitable (Captain Malus’ elven destroyer ship)


Compass (the compass was a gift to Aramar from his father. Its crystal needle was made of starlight, a rock from space with an enchantment)


Flayers’ Point (trading post on the coast of Desolace)
Dire Maul
New Thalanaar
Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge
Skypeak mountains (between Feralas & Thousand Needles)
Darkcloud Pinnacle (Thousand Needles)
Freewind Post
Razorfen Downs (The Bone Pile, the Caller’s Chamber)
Shimmering Deep


Aramar Thorne’s home is in Lakeshire, where he lived with his mother and stepfather. Aramar’s real father had abandoned him at age 6. His father, Captain Greydon Thorne brought him aboard the Wavestrider ship to catch up their relationship.

Aramar met Makasa barely 6 months ago, and got to know her and learned how to be a sailor from her throughout their long voyage.

The book starts with they have been in Feralas, stranded, for a month.

Both Aramar and Makasa were left marooned after the Wavestrider was attacked. They escaped on a lifeboat toward the coast of Feralas.

Their current whereabouts have led them to camp dangerously near Dire Maul, by the border of Thousand Needles — after escaping Dire Maul with the help of a gnoll pup named Hackle. They are heading toward Gadgetzan. The enigmatic magical compass is leading them southeast toward Tanaris.

Something that caught my attention while reading is the discovery of how Dryads are born. In page 124 (Kindle app), chapter 13. I posted the 5 pages that describe the event (Spoilers)

I found the forsaken Baron Reigol Valdred interesting. We get to learn more about him in Chapter 17. Probably the character with the most background shared in the book. He was formerly SI:7. He volunteered to travel to Northrend to kill the Lich King. He was later freed by Sylvanas and pledged an oath to her. Then, he asked her to release him. Thereafter, he became a mercenary and traveled the world. Now serves Captain Malus as a member of The Hidden.

A fan (@Cladriah) tweeted me earlier asking if this book is canon. I told her @Cate_Gary (Senior Publishing Editor, for World of #Warcraft) had a video showcasing TRAVELER. There is also a video in YouTube by @ChrisMetzen. I think both of them in the forefront of TRAVELER … can it be more canon than that? =)

But don’t take my word. James Waugh, and Chris Metzen were recorded on video discussing World of Warcraft: Traveler. The book author Greg Weisman (GARGOYLES, Star Wars Rebels and Young Justice) said the following:

“I want this to be a book that — someone that has been playing World of #Warcraft for 10 years will read it and go: “Yeah! That is the book that I’ve been waiting for. This is a story set in this world that really gets what World of Warcraft is. I want to make sure that we get it right. That this is canon. That this is in continuity.”

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