With the announcement of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm one has to wonder how the current issue # 22 of the Wildstorm comic book ties-in with the new expansion.  Things are getting exciting as the story arc comes to a close.  Cho’gal has been blessed by C’Thun and transformed beyond recognition into a bulked-up Ogre that resembles more a Faceless One than anything.

In this issue, Vindicator Maraad (Garona’s Uncle) teaches his grand nephew Med’an how to call to the Light to shield him from the dark whisperings of the Old god C’Thun.  Now the kid knows how to use arcane, shamanic and light magic. But I am pretty sure he’s gonna learn other magic schools pretty soon.

Thus far this is the list of characters who agreed to create a new Council of Tirisfal to safeguard Azeroth from the Old god C’Thun and his minions.  The comic book is currently set at the beginning of the expedition into Northrend, and now Aegwynn mentioned the Malygos and Nexus War is weakening the magi around the world of Azeroth. Even she has felt it.  Thus she has suggested to Meryl Winterstorm to gather practitioners of other magical disciplines now that arcane practitioners are getting hammered and weakened by Malygos. Aegwynn wants a new council with members of the shaman, druid, priest and paladin orders.

Thus far these are the members of the new Council of Tirisfal:

  • Aegwynn
  • Meryl Winterstorm
  • Vindicator Maraad
  • Med’an
  • Valeera Sanguinar
  • Jaina Proudmoore

Nevertheless, Aegwynn and Meryl Winterstorm have suggested the following people as candidates to join the new Council of Tirisfal … and this my lore-nerd brethren is getting very cool by the minute:

  • Khadgar
  • Thrall
  • Rohan (Dwarven male Priest)
  • Krank Axeljink (Gnome Inventor)

Thrall told Jaina at Razor Hill that he is preparing for war, and will soon send his forces to Borean Tundra. He offers Rehgar Earthfury (Shaman) to attend the new Council of Tirisfal summit.  Jaina requests Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem’s presence too.

Cho’gal is given power by C’Thun to summon a marine Faceless One from the depths of the sea to attack Theramore while the Twilight’s Hammer kidnaps Med’an.  In next issue, Med’an will go to Karazhan, invited there by the mental projection of his father Medivh “the Accursed”? You can subscribe to the comic book here. (DC Comics / Wildstorm)

Maticus and I attended the WoW / Diablo III Press Q&A at Blizzcon 2009.  One of the questions I managed to pitch at J. Allen Brack was: What role will the new Council of Tirisfal play with players to help us defeat the new powers rising after the Cataclysm?  Either he didn’t know who they are, or he did not want to answer.  I guess we will have to find out when beta starts; or through Chris Metzen.

Subscribe to the comic book.  As of issue # 25 in November, the comic book will split into two series.  The Horde will get its own spinoff title.  By the way, I requested DC Comics another interview with Walter Simonson to discuss the current and upcoming story arc, specially how it all ties-in with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.  I am gathering questions, so feel free to email them here. (Comments module seems to be disabled until I reach Rush to fix it)