Kisirani teased the heck out of shamans today with the comment that Dwarven Shamans will have a unique totem graphics in Cataclysm, the way Draenei had their unique totems. The wording on Tauren totems is a bit confusing. Who knows maybe Tauren will get a totem graphic overhaul too?

What type of totem-graphics do you think would make sense lorewise for a dwarven shaman?

Blizzard Quote:
It would be awfully silly to see Dwarven Shaman lugging those big ol’ Draenei totems around, wouldn’t it?

You’ll see what we have up our sleeves for Shaman in the expansion. wink After all, I think Tauren are getting tired of sharing theirs, too.

They’re not kegs. But they fit the dwarven shaman theme very well.

Thanks, Handclaw