The Void Reaver is the first boss in Tempest Keep: The Eye, the dungeon of Kael’Thas Sunstrider.  Divide your raid in 5 groups.  Ask your teams to stick together so that its team healer is able to keep everyone up.  All ranged DPS and healers must be on top of the golden ring.

Ranged DPS and Healers: Void Reaver launches non-stop an arcane ball toward random players in all directions.  When the arcane balls impact the ground they do around 6,000 damage AOE expanding 20 yards in all directions.  Players shouldn’t go outwards away from the circle’s golden ring to run from the arcane balls.  This results in delays and thus lack of DPS or heals.  Run either to the right or to the left walking along the permeter of the golden circle.  Healers must concentrate their healing on melee only.  And your own team.  You can close all other unnecessary team health bars to widen your viewing range onscreen.  Keep melee up at all times, and this event is easy cake.

Everyone else should either heal themselves (healers) or use bandages.

This boss fight is mostly a survival event, but still a DPS race.  Your team must kill Void Reaver before 10 minutes, at which point he goes into enrage-mode one-shotting the tank and everyone else.  This means if your raid team doesn’t get Void Reaver under 50% within 5 minutes, you should recalll the raid team to run back to the doorway to reset the event to not waste time.

The raid leader and some of the players should have the addon.  This addon will automatically alert players who is marked by Void Reaver.  Basically, the addon uses the the tag symbols to mark whoever is about to get a arcane ball a skull symbol over their head.  Your raid team must be educated to watch either a skull symbol or a text message above people’s head.  You can program what text can be displayed above you in a chat bubble, such as: ORB INCOMING!

When a player gets tagged, the player and everyone near him must run either left or right at least 20 yards.  Healers should try not to get beyond the golden ring to heal.  It’s preferable to move around the golden ring until you are able to reach your healing target.

Melee: Void Reaver will often knock a melee player back, clearing his threat meter and shifting to another melee target.  Knockback has a 30 second cooldown, and will knock back the player with most threat.  If you have a paladin, keep a Blessing of Salvation on Rogues, Retribution/Prot Paladins and Fury Warriors, to concentrate the major threat on the main tank.  Nevertheless, Void Reaver will still change targets.  Just hope he won’t stay on too long on other melee targets.  Get a threat meter addon to stay low profile.

Keep Void Reaver at the center of the circle at all times so that healers do not get out of range messages.  This means if you are knocked back, you must make sure to pull him back to the center.  Everyone who gets aggro after the main tank is knocked back must take care of centering him until the main tank gets aggro again.