Zuluhed the Whacked is the Chieftain of the Dragonmaw Clan. To those recently acquainted with the Warcraft Universe, Zuluhed is mentioned in Warcraft: Day of the Dragon pocketbook—written by Richard A. Knaak.  Deathwing manipulated the Horde into finding the Demon Soul during hte second war. Zuluhed was not able to wield the magics of the Demon Soul with his shamanistic powers.  Instead, he called his minion Nekros Skullcrusher – a retired warrior who became a warlock after the loss of his leg.  The warlock magics were able to tap the powers of the Demon Soul.

However, Nekros did never know how much power he held. Nevertheless, with what little mastery he learned over the artifact he was able to kidnap Queen Alexstrasza, Dragon Aspect of Life and matron of the Red dragonflight and his elder consort Tyranastrasz – capturing their red eggs and most of their dragonflight. The Dragonmaw Clan was able to raze many cities and towns with hit and run tactics flying atop red dragons.  (You can read the Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness missions)—I recommend reading the book.  Rhonin and Krasus (Alexstrasza’s consort) are the main characters.

Eventually, the Horde was defeated in Northeron (Quel’Thalas) and to the south of Grim Batol – Blackrock Spire was raided by the Alliance. Lord Lothar had gone to Blackrock Spire in a diplomatic attempt. However, Lord Lothar was slain in a duel against Orgrim Doomhammer. The death of Lothar infuriated his disciple Turalyon and the Alliance. This was the driving force that made the Alliance victorious at Blackrock Spire. It was believed that when Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer was defeated at Blackrock Spire and held prisoner along with most of the Horde, taken to internment camps, Chieftain Zuluhed may have escaped along with other Horde Clans through the Dark Portal – back to Draenor – disconnecting communications between Zuluhed and the remaining Dragonmaw Clan orcs of Grim Batol that were led by Nekros Skullcrusher.  Their last bastions in Azeroth: Dun Algaz, Dun Modr and Grim Batol.  Eventually, through a ruse by Krasus, Nekros and the Dragonmaw Clan abandoned Grim Batol to secure the red eggs and Alexstrasza, heading toward Dun Modr. The Dwarves with help of Rhonin, Vereesa, Falstad the Wildhammer dwarf, Krasus and an enraged Alexstrasza defeated what remained of the Dragonmaw Clan in Azeroth.

Zuluhed and his Dragonmaw Clan escaped to Draenor years ago during the Second War.  Although not official, it is what makes sense – for Zuluhed the Whacked may be found at the Dragonmaw Fortress located in Shadowmoon Valley. Pitifully, as a spawned NPC activated when accepting a quest. Read the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade quest transcripts below.

Mordenai: They can’t keep this up! Their wings will eventually give …


Mordenai: Something has them spooked.

(Mordenai points to the nether drakes flying overhead)

They won’t even come down to feed. I have seen several fall to the earth, dead from exhaustion before their bodies hit the ground.

We must save them! The Rocknail flayers that are found near the crystals are their natural prey. Kill flayers and take their carcasses. Place a carcass in the field and stand extremely still. As long as you do not make any aggressive motions, they will not attack you.


Mordenai at Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley wants you to feed 8 Mature Netherwing Drakes.

Rewards: 7g 59s

TIPS: The Rocknail Flayers are found in Netherwing Fields near the big crystals. When you kill them they have a high drop rate of Rocknail Flayer Giblets. It says, Use: Combine 5 Rocknail flayer giblets to form a Rocknail flayer carcass. However, if you kill the big ones that patrol around the crystals they drop the carcass you need to feed the Nether Drakes. So it is better and quicker than collecting giblets. In short instead of killing 25 mobs, you just need to kill the 5 big Rocknail Flayers. When you get the carcass it says, Use: Places a Rocknail flayer carcass on the ground in Netherwing Fields. Click the item in your inventory bag and it will spawn a redish meaty-ribs. Stay still and they won’t attack you. The Nether Drakes will thank you in draconic language: “Belan shi karkun”.

Mordenai: You are kind and compassionate friend.


Mordenai: Their patron soars high above. Perhaps the kindness that you showed his children has moved his heart. Seek Neltharaku out and enlist his aid. Together, you may be able to solve the plight of the Netherwing drakes.

(Mordenai points to the sky)

Fly high, friend …


Seek out Neltharaku, patron of the Netherwing Dragonflight.

Rewards: 1g 89s

Neltharaku: Greetings, mortal. My children have told me of your heroic deeds. There is more that you can do.


I have information that you may find useful. Please listen to what I have to tell you.


Speak with Neltharaku and listen to his story.

Rewards: 1g 89s

> I am listening, dragon.

Neltharaku: In the eastern reaches of the Netherwing Fields lies Dragonmaw Fortress. It is there that the cruel Dragonmaw orc clan tortures the drakes that they capture in an attempt to bend them to their will. Many have given up hope, choosing instead to do the bidding of Dragonmaw. The others … They refuse to land for fear of Dragonmaw war parties capturing them and taking them back to the fortress.

> But you are dragons! How could orcs do this to you?

Neltharaku: I … We are powerless. Illidan found and delivered unto the Dragonmaw their leader – Zuluhed. This orc was the one responsible for the capture and incarceration of Alexstrasza. How could we fight against such power? He captured an Aspect.

And just as easily, he took my mate.

> Your mate?

(Neltharaku nods)

Karynaku … She is held prisoner atop Dragonmaw Fortress. I have made many attempts to free her. All have failed … You have battled these beasts before, have you not?

> I have battled many beasts, dragon. I will help you.

Neltharaku: So you will help us?


I require time so that I may device a plan to save my children and mate. You will buy me this time, mortal.

Venture into Dragonmaw Fortress, located on the eastern edge of the Netherwing Fields, and lay waste to all Dragonmaw orcs that you find. The ensuing chaos and confusion should have a considerable impact on their plans.

Be warned, some of my kin are too far gone – their minds corrupted by the Dragonmaw. For them, the only resolution is death. You have my permission to end their lives as well.


Neltharaku, flying high above Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley wants you to slay 15 Dragonmaw orcs.

Any Dragonmaw Orc in Dragonmaw Fortress will suffice.

Rewards: 7g 59s

Neltharaku: Well done. I have discovered a way in which we can free the enslaved drakes that are being held at Dragonmaw Fortress.


Neltharaku: I believe that I can imbue nethervine crystals with my own essence. The power contained within these imbued crystals should be sufficient to free enslaved drakes of their masters’ grasps.

Travel to Netherwing Ledge, an island located off the broken shelf of Shadowmoon Valley, to the southeast. It is on Netherwing Ledge that you will find nethervine crystals. Return to me when you have collected enough crystals to fill your packs.

And, Beware the Dragonmaw that now inhabit the island.


Neltharaku, flying high above Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley wants you to collect 12 Nethervine Crystals from Netherwing Ledge.

Rewards: 7g 59s

Neltharaku: I require nethervine crystals.

(Neltharaku takes the crystals from you.)

I will prepare the crystals for you now.


Neltharaku: Take this enchanted nethervine crystal and make your way back to Dragonmaw Fortress. Once there, seek out the enslaved drakes and invoke the magic of the nethervine crystal. My own energies will pour forth, causing the drakes to break free from the bond of their captors. When you see that the drake has broken free, help it defeat its captor! It will most assuredly be weak from the imprisonment.

Release all that you can find and return to me.


Neltharaku, flying high above Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley, wants you to free 5 Enslaved Netherwing Drakes.

TIPS: You can stand 30 yards away far from aggro. When you click the item in your bag, it will launch a magical bolt at the Nether Drake and it will become friendly. It will attack the Orc. Recommended to DPS him if you are a caster so that it focus on you running toward you. This way if a patrol is nearby, it won’t aggro. The Nether Drake will fly off and you get credit onscreen. If you are on a flying mount, you can pick those Nether Drakes along the mountain. There aren’t many orcs there, making it easier to handle without adds. By the way, one of these orcs dropped Epidote Stone Necklace of Regeneration with +12 Health Regeneration. Requires lvl 68.

(Enslaved Netherwing Drake lets loose a low, guttural growl.)

(Dragonmaw Subjugator attempts to run away in fear!)

Neltharaku: Waste no time, we have much work to do!

(Neltharaku laughs.)

The orcs must have been shocked to see the drakes turn on them in such a manner. Well done. Perhaps you truly are the hero of our flight.


Neltharaku: It shames me to ask for your assistance once more, but you are my flight’s only hope. Without my mate, the netherwing brood may die out completely.

Make your way to the top of Dragonmaw Fortress and find Karynaku.

We will be flying overhead. Should a break appear in their defenses, the might of the netherwing will swoop down to assist you.


Seek out Karynaku at Dragonmaw Fortress. Suggested Players (5).

Rewards: 1g 89s

Karynaku: You must … free … my children …

It is the chains. They sap my power. The only way is to get the key from Zuluhed and unbind me.


Karynaku: He hides in my thoughts, mortal. He waits for me to break … for me to bend to his will.

And this will be his undoing. I will call for him. I will tell him that I will do as he asks. When he appears, kill him and take the key!

Know this: Zuluhed is an ancient orc with unknown powers. He has surely been empowered further by Illidan. You risk your life for me in doing as I ask. Are you certain you wish to make such a sacrifice?


Kill Zuluhed the Whacked and recover Zuluhed’s Key. Use Zuluhed’s Key on Zuluhed’s Chains to free Karynaku.

Suggested Players (5)

Rewards: 7g 59s

Zuluhed the Whacked yells: Indeed, the time has come to end this charade. Destroy them! Destroy them all!

TIPS: Your team must first clear the building nearby killing the two shamans there. Everyone must stay there. Only one player should go talk to Karynaku. When you accept the quest from Karynaku, Zuluhed spawns by the exit doorway and a few archers spawn atop the walls. Run toward the room. Zuluhed will aggro four seconds after he spawns. Make sure to bring a Priest or Paladin as main healer and a secondary healer (Druid or Shaman). At some point, Zuluhed will yell: Lord Illidan, bless me with the power of the flight!—- this is a queue. Arcubus the Pitlord is summoned and joins the fight. It may be a 4-5 minutes fight. The pitlord doesn’t make as much damage as Zuluhed, but has mad health/armor. Watch for Zuluhed’s rain of fire. He does it on healers or rangers quietly often.

NOTE – This quest grants you access to a Nether Drake mount.

UPDATE: Blizzard confirmed a PvE Netherdrake mount:

Drysc: “The armored Netherdrake will be available through the arenas as a reward, and a Netherdrake that has a distinctly different appearance from the armored Netherdrake will be available through a quest line which has not yet been implemented. It’s likely that it will be implemented with the next major content patch.

They’re both epic flying mounts, just to clear up any confusion on their speed.”

As far as I’m aware the current plan is to make them both the same speed, which I believe is planned for 310%, a bit faster than the purchasable epic flying mounts. That’s of course subject to change.

I’ve been able to gather a little more information which should help set some of the information straight.

The swift (armored) nether drake which is a seasonal arena reward will be a 310% speed flying mount.

The (unarmored) nether drake will be obtained through a quest (which is planned to be implemented in a future patch) and will be a 280% speed flying mount. This nether drake is intended to supply players with a cool new epic mount and won’t require any tasks within raid encounters. It’s a reward that all players can work towards, but it will still be difficult to obtain.

There is another mount that is 310% speed that is yet undiscovered which is intended to be an equally rare and difficult to obtain equivalent to the arena reward. That’s the only information we’re able to give at this time.

NOTE: I recommend reading Warcraft: Day of the Dragon pocketbook.  Blizzard Entertainment will release Grim Batol as a high-end dungeon in an uncertain future. Grim Batol has been the red dragonflight’s new nest after the Second War, where Queen Alexstrasza resides.  The son of Nekros, Nekrosh is already in early Alliance quests on southern Wetlands.