Lieutenant Aden: Reports from our scout patrols have recently taken a disturbing turn. They tell of men wearing red Defias bandanas walking the Dreadmurk Shore north of Theramore’s walls.

Wreckage in the area suggests they may be survivors of a shipwreck, but our information is limited. Captain Wymor at Sentry Point, a guard tower to the north of the city, is looking for help in following up on the reports.

Quest Objectives

Report to Captain Wymor at Sentry Point.

(At Sentry Point Tower)

(The Captain makes no effort to hide that he’s assessing your abilities.)

Captain Wymor: So you’ve heard about the recent shipwreck off the coast?  Good, I could use some help confirming my suspicions about the survivors.  Welcome aboard.


My scouts have reported a shipwreck just off the beach to the northeast. Shipwrecks aren’t all that unusual out here, but the reports also indicated the survivors were all wearing red bandanas!

The Defias are craftsmen and guildsmen, not sailors. What are they doing at the site of a shipwreck on a continent they’ve no interest in?

Their leader is rumored to reside on a large island just off the coast to the northeast of the tower. Kill him and retrieve any documents you find in his possession.

Quest Objectives

Obtain the Defias Orders from Garn Mathers and bring them to Captain Wymor at Sentry Point.



I needn’t remind you of the importance of your mission—protect your precious cargo at any cost.  As I have promised, success and discretion will be richly rewarded.

Keep the tongue-wagging of your “associates” to a minimum.  Heed the crew and all will be well.  I shall await word of your success.

Captain Wymor: Were you able to track down their leader?

(Captain Wymor accepts the orders from you and reads over them.)

What in the world could ‘precious cargo’ refer to?  The Defias have done some small time smuggling back in lands of Stormwind, but this seems out of their league.  The language of these orders suggests a wealthy or noble patron.


From the wording of the orders you recovered, it looks like the first priority of the Defias will be to locate and secure whatever cargo they possessed.

Captain McGill: SI:7 has had a salvage diver named Renn McGill working out of Theramore for some time. When he heard about the shipwreck, Renn went north to dive near the islands the Defias now occupy.

If we’re to beat the Defias to this cargo, we’ll need his help. Look for him in the waters northeast of a small island just north of the island you visited earlier.

Quest Objectives

Bring the Defias Orders to Renn McGill in the waters off the Dreadmurk Shore.

Renn McGill (SI:7 Salvage Diver): Thank the Light the Defias don’t know the first thing about diving!

Well met, (class).  What brings you out here?

(You hand Renn McGill the Defias Orders letter)

(Renn looks over the orders.)

Renn McGill: So there was valuable cargo on board!  We have to locate it before the Defias recover it.  These guys are no divers, but we’re going to need some of their gear if you’re to help me find the cargo.


There’s plenty of wreckage strewn across the bottom of the water from here to Alcaz, and the Defias have already got divers out there looking around.  With the help of some of their gear, we can get you suited up and ready to join the hunt, but you’ll have to do some creative “borrowing” first.

Search this island for a crate of diving gear and something to repair it with.  When you’ve got them, bring them to me and I’ll have your gear ready in no time!

Quest Objectives

Bring the Tool Kit and Damaged Diving Gear to Renn McGill in the Dustwallow Marsh.

Note: Both items may be found in the island McGill is.  The Damaged Diving Gear is a crate on a wagon. The Tool Kit is next to the wagon.

Renn McGill: Let’s see what you managed to “borrow” from the Defias.

Wow, this is in worse shape than I’d thought, and these tools …

Well, I said I’d get this back into working condition for you, so I’d better get to work.


Renn McGill: Well, I was able to make enough repairs to this gear to let you dive for awhile, anyway.  I wouldn’t count on it holding out for a long time, though.

The wreckage of the ship is strewn along the bottom from the east coast of this island out toward Alcaz Island. While that helm holds out, locate pieces of the wreckage on the bottom between this island and Alcaz. Use this salvage kit to search the wreckage for pieces of the cargo. Be careful not to venture too close to Alcaz Island. Those hydra are fierce.

Quest Objectives

Bring 6 Salvaged Strongboxes to Renn McGill in Dustwallow Marsh.

Renn McGill: Did your search of the wreckage reveal anything about the Defias cargo?

(Renn rifles through the contents of the strongboxes you recovered.)

Good work.  Now let’s see if our ‘precious cargo’ is in here … Hmm … old coins … ugly jewelry … More ugly jewelry … letters home … I’m beginning to give up hope!

Hey … what’s this?  A pair of manacles and not just any.  These are enchanted.  This cargo, it wasn’t a thing … it was a person!


Renn McGill: You must bring news of our findings to Lady Jaina without delay! If the Defias were transporting a prisoner, there’s no telling who it might be or if the person is still alive!

One thing is for certain, . The Defias wouldn’t go to all this trouble for some petty grudge. Their prisoner must have been someone of importance. Lady Jaina would know better than anyone else what these findings mean. You’ll find her at the top of the mage tower at Theramore’s center.

Quest Objectives

Speak with Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Hendel is in our custody now, thanks to you.

Although the questioning goes slowly, I assure you, he will tell us everything he knows.

For now, please be patient.  I will contact you immediately if we have need of your assistance.

Until then, please, enjoy Theramore and I invite you to stay for as long as you like within our city’s walls as a friend of the Alliance.

You and Renn have done excellent work in bringing this information to light and reporting it immediately.  There’s no denying the Defias have hatched some sinister plan to strike at Stormwind and its allies.  There’s a level of complexity here that’s beyond anything they’ve ever attempted, which means they must have a wealthy sympathizer somewhere.


Lady Jaina Proudmoore: It looks like Renn’s hunch about Alcaz Island was right. We need to survey that island, but it would take a whole brigade of troops to fight our way in there.

Theramore’s defenses can’t weather such a hit, so I’ve arranged with Cassa Crimsonwing, the apprentice to Theramore’s gryphon master, to allow you to use one of her beasts to survey Alcaz from the air.

Alcaz Island holds the key to the Defias’ plans for their prisoner and perhaps the prisoner’s identity itself.

Quest Objectives

Speak to Cassa Crimsonwing and use one of her gryphons to survey Alcaz Island. When your survey is complete, speak with Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore.

Note: Go to the Gryphon Flightmaster in Theramore. Next to him, is Cassa Crimsonwing.

Cassa Crimsonwing: Well met, (class).  I’m learning the art of gryphon handling from Baldruc over there.  One day, I hope to run my own stable of gryphons.

You: Lady Jaina told me to speak to you about using a gryphon to survey Alcaz Island.

Note: When flying over Alcaz Island, you see black dragonflight, Naga, Hydras, and Humans.

(Lady Jaina listens intently as you report the results of your aerial survey.)

A rune circle, dragonkin?  The Defias certainly have hedge mages among their ranks, but no one powerful enough to make use of such a thing!

And why would the black dragonkin be interested in an island full of naga?  There are many unanswered questions, but one thing is for certain: the Defias have a powerful ally in upper echelons of the Alliance.


Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Although we don’t have all the answers we might like, it’s imperative that you bring our findings to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon right away!

He needs to know that the Defias have a powerful patron in Stormwind and that they’re involved in the disappearance of King Varian!

I can use my magic to expedite your trip to Stormwind. Just speak to me when you’re prepared to go.

Quest Objectives

Speak to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon in Stormwind Keep.

Note: Click Jaina to open dialogue.  She will give an option to teleport you to Stormwind Castle.

(Highlord Bolvar listens while you deliver Jaina’s message.)

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: Are you certain?  This is a very serious charge …

Lady Jaina would not send a messenger with such haste if she did not believe her information reliable.  With their newfound patronage and apparent role in the king’s disappearance, I see no choice but to plan a renewed offensive against the Defias.  Convey my thanks to Lady Jaina and let her know that we will pursue the Defias and their backers until ouor liege is safely returned!

Lady Katrana Prestor: Don’t be such a fool, Bolvar!  The Defias are little more than a band of thugs.  We should be busy combatting Stormwind’s real enemies instead of chasing baseless speculation!


Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: Do not let Lady Prestor’s protestations distract you.  That she is blind to this problem does not surprise me, but that is a separate matter.

As I was saying, you and Lady Jaina have my thanks for bringing your findings to me in such a haste.  Let her know that no good citizen of Stormwind will rest until our king walks among us again.

Go to the Mage Quarter at the western end of the city and speak with Archmage Malin at the foot of the tower there.  He will speed your return to Theramore.

Quest Objectives

Speak to Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: That is excellent news!  I was worried the highlord might question the veracity of our information, but I see now my concern was misplaced.

You are to be well rewarded for your efforts on behalf of Theramore and the Alliance.

Seer Olum is a Ashtongue Deathsworn Draenei spying on the Naga on behalf of Akama.  He was discovered and tortured, awaiting delivery to Illidan.  You may find Seer Olum in a cage by the Fathom-Lord Karathresh in Serpentshrine Caverns.

Seer Olum: I am free!  But the secret … is now in peril.  Akama must be warned!


Seer Olum: Thanks again.  I recognize your name.  Akama has entrusted you with his plans and so I will trust you as well.

The naga discovered I was working against Illidan and tried to get me to speak by torturing me.  I did not tell them a thing – Akama himself taught me to master pain through meditation.

Illidan asked the naga to bring me to him.  He would have seen right through my flesh and into my soul’s deepest secrets.

Akama must be warned.  Our plans are in jeopardy!

Quest Objectives

Travel to the Warden’s Cage in Shadowmoon Valley and speak to Akama.

In the darkest hallways of the Warden’s Cave …

Akama: I thank you.  Olum is one of my dearest friends and most trusted followers.  His contributions have been of vital importance to our plans.

Akama says: Olum … old friend.  It is good to see that you are safe.

Seer Olum: Illidan is looking for me.  I am not safe here … none of us are.

Akama: Illidan will become suspicious … that much is of certain.  We will deal with it as we always do.

Seer Olum: Illidan will find me and when he does … he will pry the Ashtongue secret from me – such is the power of the Betrayer!  No … there is only one way.  My usefulnes to the cause has come to an end.  I must venture into the spirit world!

Akama: You cannot … be serious, Olum.  Your sacrifice has already been too great.

Seer Olum: My decision is final.  I will not be dissuated.  I have devoted my life to our plan.  To jeopardize it now would betray all who have died for the cause long before me.

Akama: It appears your mind is set then.  We will guide you to the spirit world with as much kindness as we can.

Seer Olum: I thank you, Akama.  You honor me by allowing me this moment, surrounded by my brothers.  Farewell, friend.  Guide our people well.

Akama: Farewell, dear friend.  We shall meet you in the next world when our duties in this one are fulfilled.

(Akama summons communication with Illidan)

Akama: Master!  We’ve found the traitor who escaped Vashj!  His body lies in front of me … lifeless!

Illidan:  You disappoint me, Akama.  I wanted to question the treacherous worm myself!  I’m beginning to question your allegiance, Broken.

Akama: But, sire!  You have misjudged my actions … I do have knowledge of someone close to you who plans to betray you. It is that dog, Kael’thas!  He has allied with Kil’jaeden and intends to replace you as Lord of Outland!

Illidan: I do not sense lies in your voice, Akama.  That Kael’thas would betray me does not come as a big surprise.  I’m not as oblivious as some would think.  That one of your own was involved with him puts your loyalties into question.

Send your Ashtongue into Tempest Keep and slay his most prized possession, the phoenix known as Al’ar.  I must know that you’re not on his side.  Do not think of betraying me, Broken.  We both know who owns your soul!

Akama: It will be done, my lord!


Olum’s sacrifice was trememndous.  I would never have asked him to give up his life myself.  But it is done.

If we’re to lure Illidan back into a false sense of security, we need to do his bidding – at least for now.

I command a vast army of Ashtongue, but – aside from the Deathsworn – none can be trusted.

You are to perform the deed that Illidan demands.  Take this cowl; it is magical in nature.  You will appear to be one of my men to any who see you slaying Kael’s phoenix, Al’ar.

Quest Objectives

Travel into the Tempest Keep and slay Al’ar while wearing the Ashtongue Cowl.  return to Akama in Shadowmoon Valley once you’ve completed this task.


The Sunwell Plateau is an island that will be implemented in a content patch across the sea, north of Silvermoon City.  The Sunwell Plateau is where the High Elves created the Sunwell using one of the vials of eternity from the original Well of Eternity.

The Sunwell Plateau will have a 5-players dungeon and a 25-players dungeon.  The final boss in the 25-players dungeon will be Kil’jaeden, of the Burning Legion. Sunwell Plateau will be the last major content patch before the launch of Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack.

Now, why Sunwell Plateau? Blizzard seems to be moving strings months in advance.  A story needs to be told.  Back on 2004, Richard A. Knaak wrote Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy for Tokyopop.  Tokyopop had asked Blizzard Entertainment if they could license the franchise to create a Manga based on the Warcraft universe.

Back then, Chris Metzen gave Tokyopop one condition … Richard A. Knaak had to be the writer for the manga.  This gave Chris Metzen the opportunity to tell a story that would be the domino effect for plans of World of Warcraft first expansion: Burning Crusade.  The first book of Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy went on sale by March 2005.

Long before the Burning Crusade was announced, and of course, before the first playable race was announced. See how the Creative Director at Blizzard works storylines in advance.  This Manga introduced the story of the Blood Elves post-Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.  And the Burning Crusade was announced at Blizzcon 2005 (July).  Blizzard revealed the Blood Elves as the new playable race, but not revealing the Draenei until May 2006.

Below is a spoiler / recap of the events within Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy and the Burning Crusade MMO expansion that leads to the events of the Sunwell Plateau dungeon.


The Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy tells the story of a blue dragon named Kalecgos who was sent by Malygos to the Plaguelands in search of a mysterious magic source.  Dar’Khan—who appears in early quests of the Blood Elves starting location – was the high elf traitor who led King Arthas to the Sunwell—back in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (RTS).  Dar’Khan revealed to Arthas how to open the enchanted gate of Silvermoon with the three-pieces key.  Dar’Khan was sent by King Arthas to absorb the Sunwell into himself. Before he was able to absorb the Sunwell, a well-known character from previous novels, using the name Borel, transformed the Sunwell’s essence and spirited it away from Dar’Khan’s reach.

Dar’Khan sought the Sunwell’s essence for a few years and finally tracked it to a house near the plaguelands.  Sending off Mercenaries to stop any dragon that could be lured to his treasure, Kalec fell prey to a net.  The magestic blue dragon fell from the sky.  Anveena, a female human, found Kalec and brought him to her home.

This caused her parents to be killed when Dar’Khan and the Scourge raided her home, while Kalec and Anveena were walking around the wilds.  When they returned they found the house in ruins, and underneath the rubbish of the house, hatched an egg.  Kalec identified the newborn creature as the magic source which Malygos sent him for.

Kalec found it odd that her parents had come from Quel’Thalas, since very few Humans were given that privilege. Seeking a friend of her parents, named Borel, Anveena and Kalec set toward Tarren Mill to find out more of her mysterious past.  In Tarren Mill they met Jorad Mace, an agent of Borel.  A Paladin who once served Prince Arthas and King Terenas in Lordaeron city.  He still has nightmares of dreadful whispers from Arthas the Lich King, calling out to him to serve him as a Death Knight; and of his failure to protect Lordaeron.

Dar’Khan and his Scourge are drawn to Tarren Mill and he reveals that the winged creature held by Anveena was the treasure he sought … the essence of the Sunwell.

A battle begins, and it was won thanks to the intervention of Tyrygosa (Tyri)—a female blue dragon who shapeshifts into a female high elf.  Jorad Mace told them he last knew of Borel to be in Aerie Peak. Together all travel to Aerie Peak the next day.  After a lot of events, Dar’Khan captures Anveena and takes her back to Quel’Thalas.  Kalec, Jorad Mace and Tyri fly toward Quel’Thalas to rescue her.


There we are introduced to two new characters: Lor’Themar and Halduron – for first time, before the Burning Crusade expansion announcement.  They are MMO NPCs at the throne room in Silvermoon City.  They fought the Undead Scourge that came with Dar’Khan.

In the meantime, Kalec, Jorad Mace and Tyri are in trouble as Dar’Khan summons a mighty felbeast to drain Tyri’s magic.  No other than Lady Sylvanas – leader of the Forsaken – appears to the rescue.  Sylvanas came to Quel’Thalas somehow knowing Dar’Khan was in the area.  She has a deep hatred for the high elf that betrayed her people … and caused her current transformation into a undead banshee. She wants the pleasure of killing the traitor.

To make the story short, Dar’Khan is defeated before he finishes a ritual with Anveena.  Turns out that Anveena is the real essence of the Sunwell.  Borel was the key.  You will have to read Warcraft Manga: The Suwnell Trilogy to find out who Borel is, and how Anveena turned out to be the Sunwell, instead of the winged creature.  Borel is already a known figure from previous Warcraft novels.  He is simply using a different name.

Anveena and Kalec headed toward the Sunwell Plateau, where she keeps a magical illusion to cloak Silvermoon City and the Sunwell Plateau from the Undead Scourge and the Lich King.  Basically, the Undead sees Silvermoon City as a ruin, when in reality it is been rebuilt in all its glory.  And the Sunwell Plateau, which was destroyed when the Sunwell imploded and is seen by the Undead Scourge as a ruined desolate place, is now a verdant forest behind the magical facade.  To others it is still a ruin.  An illusion.

Moving forward, the Blood Elves (Horde) keep Anveena a secret.  Lady Sylvanas also recognized Anveena as the Sunwell and kept her word she wouldn’t reveal the truth.  This is how the Forsaken and the Blood Elves started a secret alliance; and shortly after – in early quests of the MMO – Sylvanas sends a letter to Thrall to convince him to accept the Blood Elves into the Horde.  The death of Dar’Khan in Ghostlands (during the MMO quests) serves as a deed to accept them into the Horde.

Why the Sunwell Plateau dungeon now?  The Blood Elves sought to reach Outland to rendezvous with Prince Kael’Thas.  As Blood Elves reached Hellfire Peninsula, and Terokkar Forest the Blood Elves (Horde) find the Scryers (Blood Elves who served Prince Kael’Thas in Outland, and defected).  These Scryers were granted sanctuary in Shattrath City by the Naaru.  The Scryers reveal to the Blood Elves (Horde) what Prince Kael’Thas has done. You discover Kael’s Blood Elves had killed off Cenarion Druids in Terokkar Forest, and the Kirin’ Var Human mages in Netherstorm with a mana-bomb produced by Manaforges; and attack anyone within range. Even another Blood Elf. Not the welcome they expected.

In Netherstorm, the Blood Elves (followers of Kael’Thas) are discovered to work with the Burning Legion and Satyrs; and are syphoning nether magic from the land and from the Twisting Nether.  The Naaru estimate all of Outland will be in jeopardy if the manaforges in Netherstorm continue to drain the land and the nether.  The final showdown with Kael’thas, Lady Vashj and Illidan settles it.  This is not the paradise the Blood Elves were promised by Kael’thas.  Their lord and compatriots have become corrupted, and consort with the demons who caused the destruction of Quel’Thalas.

The only means of magic for the Blood Elves of the Horde is back home … at the Sunwell Plateau.  Where Anveena and Kalec reside.  Rumors say the Green and Red dragonflights seek to reenergize the Sunwell and the land of Quel’Thalas. (as told by Prospector Brann Bronzebeard in Warcraft RPG: Lands of Conflict—page 114).

The arrival of Kil’jaeden will seal the fate of the Sunwell and the Blood Elves’s destiny. Metzen has a story that needs to be told to wrap up the events revealed in the Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy.

Something big will happen at the Sunwell Plateau, that will lead adventurers to head toward Northrend to fight the Lich King, and Malygos – Dragon Aspect of Magic.

The story Metzen wants told is still to come in 2008, through the sequel to the manga, based on the Burning Crusade MMO.  In this new Manga from Tokyopop and Richard A. Knaak, Jorad Mace and Tyri come to Outland.

The plot of the Manga is unknown, but both characters have come to life in the MMORPG as NPCs.  Tyri gives you a quest to kill an Ethereal from the Consortium, and thereafter asks you to kill the mentor of the Netherwing dragonflight in Netherstorm.  With the dragon killed, Tyri serves as new mentor to these young Netherwing Drakes and brings them to Azeroth to meet Malygos at the Nexus (his Lair in Coldarra, Northrend).  You can read up the transcript of the Burning Crusade quests given by Tyri.  The second Warcraft Manga based in the Burning Crusade MMO will probably tell the second story Metzen wishes fans to learn which will connect to what happens at the Sunwell Plateau and the transition to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack that leads players to Northrend.

According to Chris Metzen, at Blizzcon 2007, Malygos has been infused with the Netherwing dragonflight DNA.  Malygos had gone insane 10,000 years ago when Deathwing killed the blue dragonflight.  This caused Malygos to brew into a depression and into insanity, living a lonely life secluded in his lair: the Nexus.

All these 10,000 years, Malygos has neglected his duties as Dragon Aspect of Magic.  A duty granted to him by the Titans (Read More). Now with renewed sanity, from the Netherwing dragonflight, Malygos has recovered and starts detecting all magic activity around Azeroth.  He plans to get back as Dragon Aspect of Magic … and that means Malygos will execute every mage that poses a threat to Azeroth.

It was 10,000 years ago when the pitiful night elves: Azshara and her highborne, tampered with the arcane magic of the Well of Eternity.  That caused the Burning Legion to come like a locust swarm into Azeroth. (Read Warcraft: War of the Ancients Trilogy)

These is not good news to the Kirin Tor and the mages of Dalaran and the Alliance.  Nor to Thrall and the Horde.  Heroes and adventurers are allowed to join the Kirin Tor in Dalaran city … floating above Northrend, to engage the blue dragonflight and to climb the Icecrown to destroy the Lich King and his Undead Scourge once and for all.

The Nexus Lair is located in Coldarra—southwestern corner of Northrend.  By the Borean Tundra. It will be a level 70-75 dungeon.  The Malygos boss event is a 25-players dungeon.

See ya at World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King … the second expansion pack.

Update9-09-07: I got word from our Wow Lore forum members that King Kael’Thas Sunstrider talks to us loud in Shattrath City via hologram projection post-battle after turning in a quest.  Seems Kael doesn’t die in the Tempest Keep: Eye dungeon.

Interpretation and speculation abound is that Kael’Thas escapes back to Azeroth and attempts to summon Kil’jaeden into the Sunwell Plateau.  This is still to be confirmed as the dungeon hasn’t been released yet.  If this rumor is true, Kael’Thas could be the very reason that triggers Malygos to start a war against any arcane magic mage that poses a threat to Azeroth.

This page will be updated when the last content patch of Burning Crusade is released.


Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, book one: Dragon Hunt

Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, book two: Shadows of Ice

Warcraft Manga: The Sunwell Trilogy, book three: Ghostlands

The Quest Bomb them! is one of the most fun among the ten daily quests.  You can bomb the Burning Legion’s Fel Cannon ammo piles using your own flying mount..  You get an item in the shape of a smily round-bomb.  Drag the item icon into your spellbar so that you may begin the quest with as much visual range as possible keeping your bag invetory closed.  Click the icon on the spellbar to bomb.

Here is the fun part.  As you get near the Burning Legion’s Forge Camp: Wrath, you are greeted by many Legion Flak Cannons aiming and shooting fel cannonballs at you to take you down from the sky.  You should make evasive-action movements to dodge the fireballs.  The target of your own bombs are not the fel cannons themselves.  You gotta look for the Fel Ammo piles which are nicely distinguihed by redish-glowing Hunter marks.

It is recommended to fly low.  If you go too high and a fireball hits you, you get auto-dismounted from your wyvern/gryphon/nether drake and you fall to the ground.  Depending how high you are it could be a lethal fall or a minimal one.  Make sure to bring healing pots or bandages with you if you aren’t a healing class.  Once you fall, the fel fire sticks on you for at least 6-8 seconds causing 383 damage per second.  If more than a Fireball hits you, the debuff stacks.

Another thing to note is to not fly too close to the inner areas surrounded by cannons.  Stay in the outer perimeter.  There are two Wrath Corruptors (warlocks) who cast shadowbolts at you – causing 583-624 damage each.

Depending where you land when you get shot down by Legion Flak Cannons, there are other mobs you should either fight or run from.  Wrath Hounds (think Magmadar in Molten Core),  Wrath Speakers (six-armed demoness), Furnace Guards (Fel Guards).  Destroy 15 Legion Ammo piles and return to Sky Sergeant Vanderlip.  You can do this quest again in 24 hours.

Skyguard Khatie is located at the Skyguard Outpost, northwest of Ogri’la.  By the Vortex Pinnacle – western Blade’s Edge Mountain.  Only players with a flying mount may reach this place.  You have to wrangle Aether Rays – a bigger version of the Nether Rays.  You can find them around Ogri’la.  Once they reach 20% health you can click the Wrangling Rope item in your bag to tame them.  Make sure to pull them on a safe spot.  There are Shard-Hard Boars lvl 71 (fel pigs) and Apexis Flayers lvl 72 (rockflayers) all over the place. Wrangle five Aether Rays and return to Skyguard Khatie for your 11g 99S reward.  Return to her in 24 hours to repeat the quest. Watch our video at the bottom of this page.

Deathwing’s whereabouts after the Second War are unknown. His offsprings: Onyxia and Blackwing took care of alienating the Human nations and do not know where their father is.

Onyxia posed as Lady Katrana Prestor manipulating Stormwind. All those low-level quests slowly reveal that Stormwind has declined military support to Westfall, Duskwood and Lakeshire, leaving them to fend for themselves desperately.

Blackwing on the other hand brewing the chromatic dragonflight.

But where is Deathwing? Is he alive? Is he dead?

Deathing has been thought dead twice before the events of Day of the Dragon, according to Krasus.

Krasus trying to convince the Kirin Tor Council that Deathwing was back:

Krasus: “I believe Deathwing is on the move again”.

This startled the rest, the elder woman included. Night suddenly changed into days, but the wizards ignored what, for them, was a common thing in this chamber.

“Deathwing is dead!” the third declared. “He plunged into the sea months ago after this very council and a gathering of our strongest struck the mortal blow! No dragon, even him, could withstand such might!”

Krasus: “And where was the corpse? Deathwing was like no other dragon. Even before the goblins sealed the adamantium plates to his scaly hide, he offered a threat with the potential to dwarf that of the Horde …”—Warcraft: Day of the Dragon – page 3.

Deathing has been thought dead twice before the events of Day of the Dragon, according to Krasus.

Krasus convincing Malygos that Deathwing was not dead, asking Malygos assistance to rescue Alexstrasza:

Krasus: Lord Prestor. This man, this mortal, would be the new king of Alterac, Malygos. Do yo not find anything familar about him? You, especially?”

The icy creature moved closer, peering at the rotating image of the false noble. Malygos inspected Prestor carefully, cautiously … and with growing horror.

Malygos: This is no man! You know very well! It is Deathwing!”

Krasus: “Deathwing, yes. Deathwing, who has been twice thought dead.—Warcraft: Day of the Dragon – Page 151.

But … is Deathwing dead after the Dragon Aspects chased him at the end of Day of the Dragon? No. Deathwing escaped. Deathwing is alive, as read in the last page of the novel.

No one had sighted Deathwing, since the black beast’s desperate escape. With the others constantly on watch for him now, it seemed unlikely that he would cause much terror for some time to come. If ever. Yet, because of him, the others had taken a renewed interest in life and the future.”

The above-quote is from the last page of Warcraft: Day of the Dragon. Which means Deathwing escaped from the Dragon Aspects, possibly with some of the red dragon eggs.

There are four possible places Deathwing might be hiding at:

1. Gilneas

2. Mount Kajaro (Isle of Kezan – Undermine)

3. Outland

4. Grim Batol


After the Alliance was formed to combat the Horde menace, Lord Genn Greymane refused to join the Alliance. However, Lord Genn Greymane joined the Alliance during the Second War, out of necessity, when Orgrim Doomhammer’s Blackrock Clan seized Zul’Dare Isle (property of Gilneas) and adjacent locations. Greymane sought protection by the Alliance. Yet did not support the Alliance with military presence during the Second War.

It was Lord Genn Greymane who presented Lord Prestor of Alterac to the Alliance. This noble man wearing black armor was “supposedly” one of the refugees from Alterac and rightful heir to the Alterac throne after Lord Perenolde was deposed for treason.

Unbeknown to most, but Krasus, this charming man Lord Prestor wasn’t other but Deathwing, thought dead after Kul’Tiras took him down. Deathwing had charmed the leaders of the Alliance nations magically offering political deals to gain the throne of Alterac kingdom. With a finger snap King Terenas would be frozen still standing in place while talking to Prestor. Pawns they were.

Since it was Genn Greymane who introduced Prestor to the Alliance, it is not hard to guess that Deathwing had manipulated him first. Mysteriously, Genn Greymane abandoned the Alliance at the end of the Second War. He was against paying tax to maintain the Orc internment camps: Durnholde, Dalaran internment camp, Hammerfall, and other four.

From Warcraft RPG: Lands of Conflict—page 96

Last Known Speech
from Genn Greymane,
Recorded by Mystrum Runedance

“Damn the orcs, damn the Alliance, and damn
you! The last thing Gilneas needs is sponges from other nations drawing from our resources, Dalaran wizards meddling with our affairs, and someone else

To access this chain quest you must complete all quests from Jorin Deadeye at Garadar.  Jorin is son of Kilrogg – Warchief of the Bleeding Hollow.  He will eventually send you to Lantresor of the Blade. He reveals to be a half-breed: orc and draenei lineage.

Lantresor is leader of the Boulderfist Ogres in Nagrand and used to serve under Blackhand and Orgrim Doomhammer as a veteran Blademaster of the Burning Blade.  He presummably fled to Draenor during the Second War when Blackrock Spire fell to Turalyon and the Alliance forces.

Lantresor: Who so boldly stands before Lantresor of the Blade? Do you not know death by sight?

You: I have killed many of your ogres, Lantresor. I have no fear.

Lantresor: Then you are a fool. Do you not know what I am?

You: Should I know? You look like an orc to me.

Lantresor: An orc ..

(Lantresor scoffs.)

I am a blademaster of half-orc descent.

You: And the other half?

Lantresor: Draenei … And because of this, I am neither. Not orc, not draenei. My own kind are a rare breed. Most having been killed decades ago … I live because of my strength of will.

You: I have heard of your kind, but I never thought to see the day when I would meet a half-breed.

Lantresor: Bite your tongue. I have seen things in my lifetime that you have only heard about it in legends. I have killed man, woman and child without remorse. Under the banner of two Warchiefs of the Horde I have served … And now, I rule Boulderfist.

You: My apologies. I did not mean to offend. I am here on behalf of my people.

Lantresor: And what do your people want of Lantresor?

You: My people ask that you pull back your Boulderfist ogres and cease all attacks on our territories. In return, we will also pull back our forces.

Lantresor: (Lantresor laughs heartily)

Do you know where you are, fool? This is ogre land. Before orc, before draenei, there was ogre. Yet, you wish to start a war that you will inevitably lose? Boulderfist does not destroy you. Warmaul will …

But I think your leaders already know this …

You: We will fight you until the end, then, Lantresor. We will not stand idly by as you pillage our towns and kill our people.

Lantresor: (Lantresor glares at you as if he were looking through you.)

Perhaps there is another way … I will agree to your leader’s demands, only if you do exactly as I ask.

With your assistance, we may be able to help each other out greatly.

You: What do I need to do?


Lantresor: So what is your decision? Will it be war or will you lend your assistance?

You will stage a series of events that will lead the Kil’sorrow orcs of Kil’sorrow Fortress to believe that the Warmaul ogres have attacked their base and then another series of events to make the Warmaul ogres believe the Kil’sorrow orcs are attacking their base.

Do this and you solve both of our problems.

The Boulderfist will have their territory back and your people will be free from attack from Boulderfist, Warmaul and Shadow Council.


Lantresor: You will need to steal Kil’sorrow armaments from Kil’sorrow Fortress if my plan is to work.

Search the fortress for crates of Kil’sorrow armaments. Bring whatever you can find to me.

Kil’sorrow Fortress is located directly south and a little to the west of the Burning Blade Ruins.


Lantresor of the Blade at the Burning Blade Ruins in Nagrand wants you to collect 20 Kil’sorrow Armaments.


Lantresor: We will ignite a hatred heretofore unseen between the two clans!

Excellent!  Our next target will be the Laughing Skull Ruins.


(Lantresor hands you a pack full of banners.)

Lantresor: These are Warmaul ogre banners that I recently acquired.

I want you to travel to Kil’sorrow Fortress, directly south of here, and kill as many of the Kil’sorrow filth as you can find. Drive a Warmaul ogre banner through the heart of each fallen Kil’sorrow soldier. Return to me when you have completed this task and the other that this plan requires.


Lantresor of the Blade at the Burning Blade Ruins in Nagrand wants you to drive 20 Warmaul Ogre Banners through the bodies of Kil’sorrow members at Kil’sorrow Fortress.

(Lantresor’s eyes open in bewilderment.)

Lantresor: Is it done?

Can you imagine their puzzlement over what is happening?  This will be glorious.


Lantresor: Now you must plant the seed of war in the fat, useless heads of the Warmaul.  To the northwest, near the mountains, you will find the Laughing Skull Ruins.

(Lantresor points into the crate of armaments you brought him.)

Do you recognize those banners?  They are Kil’sorrow banners.  I want you to take a stack of Kil’sorrow banners and plant them on the corpses of Warmaul ogres.  Remember, northwest is where you will find the ogres.


Lantresor of the Blade at the Burning Blade Ruins in Nagrand wants you to drive 20 Kil’sorrow Banners through the bodies of Warmaul ogres at the Laughing Skull Ruins.

Return any unused Kil’sorrow Banners.

You will receive 7g

Lantresor: Can you predict what will happen next?

The plan is perfect.  I am already seeing the fruits of your labor.


Lantresor: Your rampage through Kil’sorrow Fortress has provided us with a special opportunity.  We have enough bodies to make it appear as if a great battle has taken place.

Travel to the Laughing Skull Ruins and find the Laughing Skull Courtyard.  There should be a blazing pyre in the courtyard.  Make sure the area is secure and then use this blanket to send up smoke signals.  When my ogres see the smoke, they will sneak in and plant the bodies of slain Kil’sorrow soldiers.

That should be the final straw!


Lantresor of the Blade at the Burning Blade Ruins in Nagrand wants you to use the Damp Woolen Blanket at the Blazing Warmaul Pyre in the Laughing Skull Courtyard to signal his ogres.

You will receive: 7g

Boulderfist Saboteur# 1: I killeded anoder Warmaul ogre!  I am Shadow Council! Come get me!

Boulderfist Saboteur# 2: Shut up, stupid!  Why you yell?

Boulderfist Saboteur# 1: Me wanted to make it belive … Me wanted to make it real.  Dey tink for shure it Shadow Council now!

Boulderfist Saboteur# 2: You so smart.  Let’s do dis now before more come.

Boulderfist Saboteur# 1: Your dead orc sound ok.  Mine better.

Boulderfist Saboteur# 2: Last mont, me won da dead orc sound campi … champichi … me won da dead orc sound contest.

Boulderfist Saboteur#  1: You make dat sound pretty good.  Sound like da orc dieded.

Boulderfist Saboteur# 2: My dead orc sound is da best!

Boulderfist Saboteur# 1: Dat’s all of dem!  Dese Warmaul be so mad!  Hooray!

Lantresor: Do you now understand why you could never win a war against me?

I must admit.  I have not felt this alive in decades.  You have performed well.


(Lantresor points to an unmarked crate.)

Lantresor: Take it.  It is my offering to your people.  You have single-handedly saved my clan from extermination.

You may tell your leader that I Lantresor of the Burning Blade and his Boulderfist ogres accept the offering of peace.

(Lantresor bows.)


Take the Burning Blade Peace Offering to Garrosh at Garadar.

You will receive:

Burning Blade Cultist Band
Lantresor’s Warblade
Burning Blade Devotee’s Cinch

You will also receive:

(Garrosh seems unmoved by the offering.)

(Garrosh kicks the crate aside.)

Garrosh: You waste your time.  Take whatever you desire from the crate.  I nor Garadar have any need for these useless trinkets.

The Lower City faction is composed of multi-race citizens that fled to Shattrath City to seek sanctuary from the onslaught of the Burning Legion and the forces of Illidan.  The Lower City faction has Human war veterans and haggards, Broken Ones, Arakkoa exiles, renegade orcs, ogres and other races.

Their precarious situation and some lack of action from the Sha’tar and the Aldor have led the Lower City to take action on their own.  Lower City is sending spies to the Shadow Council and plan to attack them.  You gain reputation by killing Shadow Council members in Kil’Sorrow Fortress (Nagrand), Deathforge (Shadowmoon Valley), and Shadow Labyrinth—the southern dungeon-wing of Auchindoun in the Bone Wastes (South of Terokkar Forest).

The 16 rewards offered by the Lower City Quartermaster Nakodu appeal to the following tradeskills:  Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, and Tailoring.

Classes: Priests, Warriors, Paladins, Shamans.  Druids get a ring with Feral combat skill rating by 20, which isn’t useful for rogues, but could optionally get it for its + 20 dagger skill rating if the overall stats are an upgrade.  Priests get a nice trinket: Lower City Prayerbook.  All classes could use the Glyph of Shadow Warding for Heroic-mode dungeons such as Shadow Labyrinth, Shattered Halls and Arcatraz.

Just remember that to enter Kael’Thas 25-man raid-dungeon and Caverns of Time: Mount Hyjal, you need the Auchenai Key available at revered with the Lower City to complete the quest from A’dal, which requires you to kill Murmur in Shadow Labyrinth (Heroic-mode).

The Keepers of Time are a faction of the Bronze Dragonflight – loyal to the Dragon Aspect of Time, Nozdormu the Timeless One.  The Keepers of Time Quartermaster Alurmi can be found at the Caverns of Time, near the reagent vendor.  To gain reputation with the Keepers of Time you may go to Caverns of Time: Durnholde (lvl 66) and Caverns of Time: Dark Portal (lvl 68-70).  Caverns of Time is located in Tanaris (Kalimdor).

The Keepers of Time Quartermaster offers 15 items ranging honored, revered and exalted.  The items appeal to the following tradeskill/professions: Jewelcrafters, Enchanters, Alchemists and Leatherworkers.

Some socketed-gear may appeal to the following Classes: Paladins, Mages handling swords, Rogues, and Priests.

Glyph of Frost Warding adds resistence to a head slot which may be used by any character class.  The Glyph of Defense is a most to any Warrior.  The Timelapse Shard trinket looks good for priests and mages to reduce threat. However, any class will really love the +25 stamina on the trinket, so go for it.

The Consortium Quartermaster Karaaz can be found in Netherstorm at Stormspire, near the elevator.  To gain reputation with the Consortium you must complete quests in Terokkar Forest by the northern dungeon wing of Auchindoun.  Other quests can be found in Nagrand at Aeris Landing, Shattrath City, and Netherstorm at Area 52, Eco-dome Midrealm, Echo-dome Sutheron, Protectorate Watch Post and Echo-dome Fairfield.  A great way to increase reputation with the Consortium is to play many runs killing mobs in Auchindoun: Mana Tombs dungeon-wing located at the Bone Wastes in Terokkar Forest.

You should worry to increase reputation with the Consortium if you are a Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, Tailor or Leatherworker. There is only one enchant formula at friendly, and a tailor recipe at honored.  The gear appeals mostly to rogues, hunters and cloth-casters.

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