The Gun’Drak dungeon is located in the Zul’Drak region (Northrend). It is the capital of the Drakkari Trolls.  They have sacrificed their gods in order to defeat their enemies such as the Lich King and the new invaders: You. The dungeon is very well designed architechture-wise as it was built from the ground up to function as a Lara Croft or Indiana Jones puzzle-like scenario.

When you kill the first three bosses, you have to click the altar. Immediately you can hear the noise of old mechanisms at work. When looking over the altar terrace, on the ceiling of the adjacent chamber you will see a serpent-like statue drop down to a hole that fits the bottom of the statue. I found this curious, and knew something interesting has been designed to unlock something. Indeed, each time you kill a boss and click the altar, a statue of their worshipped god drops on the center of the inner chamber, and you can see a bridge extending across to let you reach the final boss.

The first boss is named Slad’ran the High Priest of Sseratus. For those who have done quests in Zul’Drak this is one of the Prophets who worship the giant Serpent god at the Temple of Sseratus. This Slad’ran boss is very accessible. Basically, as soon as you zone-in and go down the elevator he is right there with no trash mobs to clear at the Den of Sseratus chamber. Slad’ran is a tank and spank boss, but he got a few poison debuffs that can make things challenging. He got an AOE poison that can’t be dispelled. And a second poison he casts on a single player on top of the AOE poison debuff.  This second poison needs to be dispelled ASAP.


Drakkari Colossus

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