Walking toward the next boss has some trash. You will find a chamber full of bone piles and serpents (Unyielding Constrictor and Spitting Cobra). The serpents are easy to kill. Watch the patrol, the Drakkari Fire Weaver troll needs to be crowd controlled. Once you go across the bone piles chamber, things get a bit more complex. You fight Living Mojo (Water Elementals) and Gul’Drak Drakkari Golems at the Tomb of the Ancients chamber.

You will notice how fast paced the dungeon was designed. Just a few pulls of trash mobs, and you are already on the second boss. Gun’Drak is much smaller than Zul’Aman. You could run Gul’drak in 35-45 minutes if you got a good group. The second boss is named Drakkari Colossus. He is a much bigger Drakkari Golem. You will see five Living Mojo (Water Elementals) surrounding him. No worries. You don’t fight them.

When you engage the boss, the Living Mojo elementals merge with him. Melee players would be best attacking him from behind, and the Tank doing business facing away from the team.  The Drakkari Colossus will puke a purple torrent. This is a cue that a Living Mojo Elemental will spawn where the puke lands.  Everyone must focus DPS on the Elemental, then get back to the boss. Rinse and Repeat. Once the boss dies, click the altar. A beam of fire will be aimed to the central chamber’s ceiling burning a cable that holds a golem head statue. It will drop into a hole near the center of the uncomplete bridge platform and the platform will rotate. This is the bridge you would use later to reach the last boss. So remember where you are to get back here.


Drakkari Colossus

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